How to Find a Great Family Photographer with Bidvine

It has been difficult to know how to find a great family photographer in the past.  When thinking about choosing a product or a service, I often feel overwhelmed with the choices on offer.  We have found a great online service that has helped to make  finding a photographer much easier.

How to Find a Great Family Photographer with Bidvine

Bidvine is a wonderful new service that links customers to businesses in a useful way.  When I went on to the Bidvine website, I expected to have to search for a family photographer that would suit our needs.  I was pleasantly surprised as there is no searching involved.

Bidvine asks you what service you need and then asks for your postcode.  After that, you only have to answer a few questions to help them to match the right businesses to your individual needs.  For the family photography session, I was asked if I would like outdoor or studio shots, if I needed the photography session to happen soon and if I would like the photographer to travel to me, amongst others.

I chose for the photographer to come to where we were for the photography session.  There was a choice of price ranges too.  This was very useful as I have a budget and wanted to stick as close to it as possible.

Finding a family photographer using Bidvine.
Finding a family photographer using Bidvine. Photo supplied by Bidvine.

Receiving Offers or Bids from Bidvine

Once I had spent a few minutes answering the questions, the notice on the screen said that I would receive the quotes by Monday (I sent my requests on a Friday).  The information that I’d submitted was received by the suitable photography businesses quickly as I’d received my first quote/bid within the hour.

The bid was from a local photographer that I hadn’t come across before.  The bid was sent straight to my email inbox and contained a good amount of detail about what I could expect if I chose that photographer.  There was also a very clear price at the start of the email, which I thought was brilliant.

I received several more bids before the Monday.  All of which were very well explained and clearly set out what I could expect if I were to hire them.

Would I Recommend this Bidding Service?

I certainly would recommend this online bidding service.  After looking at the photography sessions, I noticed that there were many other services on the website that I could ask to receive bids for too.  I think I will look into the domestic cleaner, electrician, cooking lessons and stress management coaching in the future.

I think that this website is great for those that find it difficult navigating their way through all the choices for services nowadays.  Answering questions to clarify what you want from a service provider seems to work well as the questions are well targeted. Bidvine makes the whole process easy from start to finish.  Very straight forward and easy to use.

Have you tried Bidvine before?  Which service did you find bids for?


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