How To Get A Rustic Home Look On A Budget

Home styles come and go over the years, but the one look that seems to have stuck and has appealed to many people is the rustic look. People just love a space that makes them feel like they are at the cottage or at a special weekend retreat. It’s one thing to spend a few days living amongst daisies and pine boards, but it’s a whole other thing to create it for yourself and live in it for any length of time. But the people who love this style, know it’s worth putting the effort in to get exactly that right look to exude the right feeling. And you can do it all on a budget – we promise!


The great thing about rustic homes is that most of the look can be achieved by using second hand or recycling materials, including the paint. Check out your local paint store for cans of paint that have been mixed improperly – these usually go for a reduced price because they were mistakes. A lot of places don’t allow you to throw paint in the garbage anymore, so ask around to friends and family if they have any leftover paint you could sample to redo your space. And remember, part the charm of rustic is that it’s not perfect. But it will feel perfect when it’s done!


It’s easy to add a punch of color or work a theme into your home using accessories. As with most things rustic, you can get accessories at garage sales, discount stores and even by looking through some of your old stuff in the attic. You never know what you are going to find. Pick an overall colour and stick to it to add some modern tones to your rustic look. Try adding a few really great accent pieces like a set of internal stable doors. These doors are gorgeous and can add a wow factor to any room and make it feel beautiful and rustic.


Nothing says rustic like wicker and pine. Spend a weekend walking around a large outdoor market or head to your favorite second hand furniture store to find a piece that is just right. If you can’t find the color of furniture you want, remember that you can whitewash any piece of furniture to make it seem rustic and worn. It’s an easy process and can be done in an afternoon to add character and charm to your value find.


If changing out your entire flooring is not an option, take a trip to a carpet store and ask for some end pieces or remnants of carpets laid on previous jobs. These end pieces are often a fraction of the cost of a whole carpet and they can be bound for you for very little money to give them a finished look. Rustic carpets would have thick weaves or loops in them, and try to stick with natural colors like brown, tan and green to lend to the rustic feel of your flooring. Rag rugs are also beautiful in a rustic setting and can add a pop of color in an unexpected way.

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