How To Preserve Family Memories

I started this blog as a type of online scrap book of family memories, with an aim to remember as much as I can about my children, as they are growing up.  I am also very interested in recording the memories of other members of our family too.  I spent as much time as I could, recording the memories that my Grandad talked to me about, before his passing.  I have continued to visit my Gran to record her memories too.

We have found the Dear Grandma… and Dear Granddad… books very useful to help these memories to come flooding back.  Gran even bought me a Dear Mum… book for me to fill in my memories and pass down to my children one day. Gran and Grandad told me that they had some old photographs that they wanted to look at again to help them to remember times gone by.  Unfortunately, Grandad did not feel like looking at them when he came home from hospital for the last time.  We did continue to talk about his memories but he was too poorly to think about looking at his photographs.  Since his passing, I’ve been chatting with my Gran and Mum about their memories. 

We’ve got the huge box of photographs from her loft and we’ve started looking through them. It is wonderful to hear Gran’s stories and to see photographs of the people that were big influences on Gran’s and Grandad’s lives from a young age.  I knew my Great Granny, who left us at almost 102 years old.  It was amazing to see photographs of her as a child and young woman.  We even found her ‘Brushwork Book’ from 1910, from when she was at school.  It was a fantastic find, with many beautiful nature paintings in as well as some of her handwriting.

I would certainly recommend chatting with any members of your family about their memories of times gone by.  I am very lucky to have known my grandparents and Great Granny, as I know many people have never had that opportunity.  Chatting to your parents to reminisce about their younger years is a wonderful way to get to know them better.  I’ve certainly learned many, many things about the family members I’ve chatted to so far.  They all had such happy family memories and many had the photographs to go with them. Over the Easter holidays, we are going to sit down and watch more photographs on the projector.  Both S and H are excited about seeing them and Gran is really looking forward to telling us the family memories that are behind these photographs.

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