How You Were Born – Book Review

We recently received a copy of, ‘How you were born,’ by Monica Calaf and Mikel Fuentes to review.  The blurb says; I liked the illustrations on this book, as I thought that they were quite unique.  With regards to explaining how babies are born, I thought that this book dealt with the subject matter in a gentle way that small children can understand.  For us, this story was the catalyst for a discussion on the matter.  In, ‘How you were born,’ it describes a straight forward home birth but it mentions packing for the hospital, just in case.  Both my children were born in hospital so we talked about how this story differed from our experiences of it.

The story is told with Dad present at the birth, with a midwife there also.  It includes the Dad well within the story.  With the birth of my daughter, her Grandma was there instead, as her Dad had left us a couple of weeks before her birth, so I had to discuss the differences between the book and our experiences.  I must say that I found this quite difficult but only due to our circumstances.  I do think that this story was a great way to start these kinds of conversations with my children though.

Overall, I think that this story would be great for a family who have experienced a straight forward home birth and I think that it is fantastic that the father has been included so much in the story.  For families that have had a different birthing experience, I think that this book is a wonderful catalyst for discussions on how the experiences in the book differ from more personal stories of individual births.  After all, not every birth story is the same.

This book is the last in a series of 4 books, including, ‘Your Daddy and Me’, ‘When you were in my Tummy.’ and, ‘You me and the Breast’.  You can buy, ‘How you were born,’ as well as the other titles in the series, directly from the publisher for £6.99.  However, as readers of my blog, you can get a £2 discount and free postage and packaging, by using the code: HYWBBLOG200 from the publisher. If you would like to have a chance to win a copy of, ‘How you were born,’ please complete the rafflecopter below.  This is a UK only competition.

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