Back Pain

Proven Methods To Improve Back Pain

Having a back pain is an awful experience that many people have to suffer on a daily basis.  I have written about how I get a good night’s sleep with a bad back before.  There are other ways to help your back pain feel better though, especially if you use office furniture.

How to Improve Your Back Pain: Your Posture

As I work from home and my office is in my living room, I often find myself sitting on the sofa to work.  This is not ideal.  My back pain always tends to get worse when I do this. Sitting on my chair at the desk always reduces the pain I feel.  Sitting up straight makes me feel more confident too.  Slouching often just makes me feel less motivated and a bit down.  It is amazing what a little adjustment to your usual way of sitting can do for your confidence levels.

How to Improve Back Pain: Your Office Desk

Having a desk that is the right height and has enough space on it for you to do your work is very important.  I have quite a long desk as I tend to spread my papers out quite a bit.  Some would say that my desk is messy but I would say that it is organised to suit my needs.  These office desks from Furniture at Work are affordable.  There is also a great range of desks on there to suit many different styles.  You can read more about messy desks and other amazing tips in Furniture at Work’s free ebook.

How to Improve Back Pain: Your Office Chair

I used to have a small office chair that dug into the middle of my back.  It also had very little padding on the seat, which made me feel like I needed to re-adjust the way I was sitting every so often to keep comfortable. I think having a good, supportive office chair is a must.  If you are working from home or within an office environment, a great chair is something that every worker should have. Keeping the chair at the right height, in relation to the desk and your laptop is essential for relieving back pain.  I would say that this is the most important piece of office furniture I own.

Other Useful Tips

Having everything positioned so that your eyes are at the same level as the top of your laptop can help a lot. Your eyes naturally drift downwards so keeping your laptop in this position helps with eye strain and helps you to keep your back in the right position. A good chair will also encourage your hips to feel more aligned.  If you are sitting on an uncomfortable chair that means your hips are twisting one way or another (just as I was with my old chair), this can affect your back pain too. Is your office furniture causing your back pain to become worse?  Which, of the tips above, did you find most useful to help with your back problems?

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