Ways To Keep Warm This Winter

This week has seen the return of the colder weather so we have been thinking about different ways to keep warm this winter.  We tried to hang on to autumn as much as we could but now we have to accept that winter is finally here.  As someone that really feels the cold (yes me, who sits in a jumper during the summer months), keeping warm is something that I often think about.

Ways to Keep Warm this Winter: Hot Chocolate and Warming Food

This time of year, I absolutely love enjoying a hot chocolate now and again.  For the rest of the year, I tend to drink tea and coffee but save the hot chocolate drinking until winter.  This not only makes me feel warmer but it also gives me that cosy feeling too.

Ways to Keep Warm this Winter: Fleeces and Big Coats

There is nothing worse than going out and shivering throughout the duration of your trip.  The school run is usually a good indicator of how many layers I should have on and which coat I should wear. I think that this waterproof, windproof and breathable 3 in 1 jacket from Engelbert Strauss would be lovely and warm for this winter.  At the moment I am in my big, thick, winter coat as the mornings have been quite frosty.

My children are in their winter coats too.  They have been feeling the cold lately though so I have bought vests to go with their school uniforms and have been looking at buying additional fleeces to help them to feel warmer in the mornings.  I really like the look of these  from. I like that they come in different colours, that they are light as well as breathable and that they have reflectors on them.  My children tend to wear dark clothes and during winter, I often worry that they won’t be seen when it gets dark.  Engelbert Strauss has a good range of clothes for women and children as well as work wear.

Ways to Keep Warm this Winter: Walking

Although it sounds crazy, I often find that a long walk warms me up.  The cooler air around me makes me realise how warm I actually was inside the house.  Exercising like this also means I automatically feel warmer.  Also, when I have come in from my walk, the warmth of my home hits me and I immediately feel less cold. When I think about getting up to go outside for a walk, I rarely want to but I am always glad that I did.

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