Beef Mini Roast With Simply Beef And Lamb

We have been trying out a beef mini roast with one of the many delicious recipes from Simply Beef and Lamb.  Many member of my family are farmers, which means that we have always had a traditional Sunday dinner with a roast, potatoes, vegetables, Yorkshire puddings and gravy.  As a child, I remember the huge meat joints that were presented to us, as we all sat round the table.  My Mum knew how to cook this meal perfectly.

Quick and Easy Mid-Week Meals

Nowadays, we seem to have less and less time to prepare a big meal like this.  I was very pleased to discover the lamb and beef mini roasts that are smaller than the usual joints of meat that we used have on a Sunday.  Our lives have been very hectic lately so the usual Sunday dinner has been replaced by much faster to prepare meals.  We have missed our Sunday roasts though.

These mini roasts are great for us as I can cook these during the week so that we can still have our roast dinner but just at a different time. They are perfect for us because the mini roasts are just the right size to feed S, H and me.  I think they would be great to share for two people too. Mini roasts are tasty, versatile plus they are quick and easy to prepare.   The mini roasts can be used for a huge variety of recipes, such as Teriyaki beef with noodles or lamb with a delicious pistachio crust.

The Importance of the Red Tractor Mark

Beef Mini Roast with Mustard Recipe

We have been trying out Beef Mini Roast with Mustard.  Wednesday felt like a very long day at work.  It was also a very chilly day.  After I’d picked my children up from school, I decided that we would try this recipe to warm ourselves up.  It took me about 15 minutes to prepare.  I think I would be able to do it faster next time.  I ran out of pre-made garlic paste so I crushed it with the pestle and mortar so this took a little bit longer than I’d hoped.  I thought 15 minutes preparation time was fantastic for a nutritious  mid-week meal though.

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