Bush Baby World Webisodes For Young Children

We have recently been introduced to Bush Baby World webisodes on YouTube. Golden Bear are also launching new toys to go with the online episodes too. These  exciting new animated web episodes are perfect for pre-school children.

An Introduction to Bush Baby World

Bush Babies are very cute, furry creatures who work together to have all sorts of adventures and to protect the Dreamstar Bush Baby tree. If they protect the tree well, it lights up the crown on the top opens and dream dust is spread around so that it gets to everyone at home. Dream dust guarantees lovely, wonderful dreams.

Different Groups of Bush Babies

There are six different groups of Bush Babies in Bush Baby World.

  • There are the Snowy Ridge Bush Babies who live in the mountains. They have fluffy feet.
  • Blossom Meadow Babies have blossoms and flower fur. Their job is to grow glittercorn for the Bush Babies to eat.
  • In Flutter Forest, the Flutterbyes are Bush Babies with wings.
  • The Crystal Caves are home to the Crystalites, who have glow in the dark fur.
  • At the sparkly Shimmer Mountain, you can find Princess Melina’s palace. The shimmer stars from here protect the Dream Tree.
  • The Dream Tree is the most important part of Bush Baby World. The Dreamstar Bush Babies, like Neesha, protect the tree.

They have all sorts of adventures together, including organising a birthday party or Princess Melina. Things don’t quite go as expected but we found these parts quite light-hearted and had a little giggle during the webisodes. The characters speak clearly and each have their own personalities. I love how fluffy they look, with big eyes. I can just imagine my five year old daughter asking for one of these toys, when they become available.

The webisodes are quite short at around two minutes long but they are just right for my daughter. She really enjoyed them and she was able to understand the plot well. She quickly warmed to the characters and said that she would like to watch this again in the future. I think that these characters and the webisodes are great for children under six years old. Have your little ones watched the Bush Baby World webisodes on YouTube yet?

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