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Car Safety Checklist For Long Car Journeys

We go on long car journeys several times per year so it is important to follow our car safety checklist before each journey. We have been thinking about what we need to check before starting the engine.

Our CarSafetyChecklist for Long Car Journeys

Here are the top five things that we check our car for before taking a long journey.

  1. We check that the car oil and water levels are correct and top them up if necessary.
  2. Car seat check. As my daughter still has a car seat, I always check to make sure it is fastened in properly and that it is secure.
  3. Petrol. I am a person who has a little panic when the petrol is below the half way mark on the petrol gauge. Some people that I know wait until the red low petrol warning light is on before visiting a garage. Either way, I think it is important to check that you have enough petrol in your car for the journey ahead.
  4. Breakdown cover. Do you have the telephone number for a breakdown company? I always have a quick check that I have the right details stored in my mobile phone before leaving home.
  5. Tyres. A quick check of tyres is a good idea. Making sure they are in tip top condition for a long car journey is important. Also, if you are travelling long distances in the winter, it might be wise to look into getting some tyres more suited to wintery conditions. Is your spare tyre ready to be used if you need it?

Car Safety Checks from Kwik Fit

I think it is a good idea to get our car checked out by a garage before a long journey. It is great to have that peace of mind before setting off. Kwik Fit has a number of services available that customers can take advantage of before a long car journey. We make sure that our car has a full service each year but having an interim service before a long car journey could be very useful. I think that having an expert to check your car over is a good idea.

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