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Choosing A Bag For School, College or University – with Scruffs

I remember the days of school, Sixth Form as well as University, with all those heavy books, resources and drink bottles to carry around.  Finding a good, strong bag that didn’t cut into my shoulders, rip easily due to the weight of the items in the bag or one that didn’t have any pockets in so I could find things more easily, was difficult.

A few weeks ago, I found that we were struggling with carrying my son’s bag to school.  We walk for a long time to and from school.  My daughter has almost stopped using her pushchair so I have been carrying her bag.  Both bags are very heavy.  Both children have two large bottles each, books, book bags, lunch boxes, all sorts!  My daughter’s bag is enough for me to carry.  My son tried to carry his bag but due to the long walk and the weight of it, he struggled.  I took over the bag carrying duties and understood why he was struggling so much.  Although his bag looked very cool (it has Batman on it), it had one shoulder strap that kept folding up and it really cut into my shoulder.  The weight wasn’t evenly distributed and so it hurt my back too.

We were very excited when we received this navy Classic Rucksack from Scruffs (RRP £24.95) to review.  We found that this was an excellent bag for all of our needs.  It would have also been the type of bag I needed during my own school, Sixth Form and University days.  We loved how it looked as well, it is a smart looking rucksack.

We liked that it had a good amount of pockets in it.  We kept finding more each time we looked.  My son finds the cooling compartment very useful for his drink bottles.  He also likes the smaller pocket at the front that he uses for stationary and the small stones that he loves collecting on the way to school.  The larger compartment is excellent for storing lunchboxes and book bags, as well as anything else he chooses to put in there.  The bag can be squashed in a bit so it is flatter if we choose not to carry much in the bag but it can also be expanded to fit a lot more in it.

I really liked this bag and so I borrowed it for a weekend away with the children.  I was able to fit everything the three of us needed for two nights away in this bag, including toiletries.  The straps were well padded and the weight was distributed evenly over my back.  We both like the amount of padding for our backs too. Overall, we were very happy with the Scruffs Classic Rucksack.  I would certainly recommend it to anyone needing a strong, sturdy, comfortable back for school, College, Sixth Form, University or for travelling.  We are so impressed that I am hoping to buy another for myself!

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