Dobble Review

Dobble Review And Competition

Spending quality time together is important in our family. Often, we spend much of our time completing our everyday tasks in our busy lives but we always make time for regular family games nights. Recently, I’ve started having friends over to play with our ever expanding collection of games. A couple of weeks ago, we were lucky enough to receive a game that was new to us-Dobble. It came in a neat tin with 55 circular cards, 50 symbols altogether, with 8 symbols on each card. My seven year old son was very excited when he saw this. He was immediately drawn to the Dobble Man character on the front of the tin and I must say I was too.

For me, this game has similarities to Snap! We played the game as we would play Snap! to start with. My brother was visiting when we received Dobble so immediately, my son requested that he play the game with his Uncle. After shuffling the cards, they were dealt out between S and his Uncle. There are several ways to use the cards and there is a rule book in the tin that explains how to play five different mini-games. However, they both decided that they wanted to play the game as if they were playing Snap!

They each had a pile of Dobble cards and placed one card each, with the symbol side facing up, so that they could start to scan the two cards for the matching symbol.  We were all very impressed by the fact that for any two cards that were placed down, there was always only one symbol that matched.  Once the matching symbol was spotted, S shouted out what it was – the spider.  When searching for the matching symbol in Dobble, it is made slightly more difficult by the fact that some of the symbols are a similar colour and the matching symbols are often different sizes (as was the case with the smaller and larger spider in the photograph above).

For this particular version of the game (not the one in the rule book), S and his Uncle collected the pairs of cards that they had matched during the game and put them in little piles to enable them to count up how many they had each at the end.  The winner was the one with the most pairs when all of the cards had been matched up.  My son won and was extremely happy about it!  Both S and his Uncle found the game to be quite addictive and had a few more games that day.

In the evening, I played the game with my boyfriend but this time we worked our way through the Game Rules booklet to play the five suggested games.  We particularly enjoyed ‘The Well’ game, where the aim was to get rid of your cards faster that your opponent.  We matched symbols on our individual piles of cards to the symbols on the card in the draw pile then placed our cards in the draw pile in the middle, if we matched the symbols first.  We did find ourselves really wanting to match the Dobble Man symbol though.  We ended up feeling like we had gained a personal victory by being the player to match the Dobble Man symbol first, when it appeared!  We had a great evening of entertainment from this game and it is already a firm favourite in our household!

You can buy your own Dobble game (rrp £12.99) from here and find the Dobble Facebook page here.  It has had many brilliant reviews on Amazon and is the number one selling game across all board and card games in France. You can win your own copy of the new Kids version of Dobble, that was only released this month.  This game features animal symbols as well as having less symbols on each card so that younger children are able to join in with the fun too.  This game is aimed at children aged four years and over.  Just fill out the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win!  There will be one copy of the game for one winner only.  Good luck!

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