Easter Colours

Easter Colours

This week, my two year old has been looking at shapes as well as colours.  After finding out about yellow stars and triangles, she has spent quite a lot of time finding these and naming them in her environment.  You can see the activity we did on this here.  She is becoming more and more interested in the shapes as well as colours around her so as she was asking questions, I thought now was the best time for her to take part in an activity about them.  With Easter just around the corner, we decided to make colourful Easter eggs on card.  After looking at yellow and blue squares of tissue paper, we stuck these onto the inside of some old cardboard boxes.  I had used a sellotape roll, slightly squeezed together at the top, to make the shape of the eggs as I didn’t have a template.  It worked surprisingly well!  We covered each shape with glue.

Covering each egg with glue

We discussed using stars and triangles the other day and extended this to using tissue paper squares.  I talked to her about squares having four straight edges and ran my finger around them as did my daughter to copy.  We practiced using the word.  I asked several times, “What shape is this?” or “What is this shape called?” to which my daughter replied, “Square.”  We then went over the colours blue and yellow, which she is confident with.  I put them into two piles and told her that yellow squares needed to go on one egg and blue squares on the other.  I asked question, such as, “Where does this one go?” and “What colour is it?”  She did brilliantly and was even talking to herself, as well as to me, by saying the colour of the square aloud before gluing it down.

Sorting yellow and blue squares to put onto two separate egg shapes

My daughter was very confident with blue and yellow so we moved onto red and green squares.  This took her a little longer to think and say which colours they were.  After some practice of saying and sorting the colours into the two eggs, she felt much more confident at naming them.  She even got some help from Floppy!

Red and green squares to sort

She had so much fun!  Here are her finished masterpieces, along with a couple of other Easter themed pictures that she did using crayons, felt tips and stickers using blue, yellow, red and green.

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