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Ecover Laundry Challenge

We were given a full-size (875ml) sample of Ecover Non-Bio Concentrated Laundry Detergent and exclusive laundry bag designed by the on-pack botanical illustrator Freya Morgan to enable us to take part in the #EcoverLaundry Challenge.

Laundry: Is it a Chore?

There are at least three different ways of thinking when it comes to doing laundry:

  1. Laundry is a chore. It is annoying and I hate doing it.
  2. I love doing the laundry!
  3. I’ve not thought about whether I like it or not. It just needs doing.

Over the years, I have drifted between all three of these states. Since having children, I have just got on with it. It is difficult to think of whether you like doing the laundry when you are sleep deprived and have so, so many more tasks to get through in a week.

Our Laundry Routine

Our laundry routine works well for us at the moment. We usually do around three laundry loads per week: a white wash, a dark wash and a colours wash (which usually includes towels). Washing our clothes during the weekend is great for starting the new week. I usually have a lot of things to do on a Monday so having the laundry done and put away by Sunday evening helps. It is great to get this task out of the way and out of my mind. Plus, school uniforms are sorted for the week ahead.

What we Love About Doing the Laundry with Ecover

This #EcoverLaundry Challenge has really made me think about what I love about doing the laundry. When thinking about washing clothes, it takes me a moment to be bothered to collect clothes, strip beds and sort into piles ready to go into the washing machine. I think mainly because my children tend to forget where the washing basket is and just put their clothes in many random places around the house. It’s a bit like a weird treasure hunt game sometimes!

Once the clothes are collected, Floppy dog helps me to sort them into piles. This does seem to make her very happy. When we tried Ecover, it made me think about how much I love the smell of laundry detergent. Floppy does tend to make the bed sheets smell due to insisting that she sleep on them when we are not in house to stop her. Having that fresh, lavender and sandalwood scent on the bed sheets is the thing that we most love about doing the laundry. The scent is so clean and has a natural smell. It is also makes me think about snuggling up in the warm, cosy quilt. Bliss.

Knowing that I only need to use a small amount (one and a half capfuls as I have a large washing machine) of this in my washing machine is great. The bottles of Ecover are easy to store, as a result. Our sensitive skin also was not bothered by the lavender and sandalwood Ecover non-bio laundry concentrated detergent. This surprised me as the scent of this detergent was stronger than our usual non-bio brand.

Getting the Family Involved

It is great to get the children involved in doing the laundry. I usually keep my children away from using the detergent (that’s my job and it keeps them safe) but they do help with folding the clean, dry clothes. Pairing the socks is their favourite task. It keeps them busy so that I can enjoy a nice cup of tea.


We would certainly recommend the lavender and sandalwood Ecover non-bio laundry concentrated detergent to other parents. The smell is divine and it has been good with our sensitive skin. We also like that it is labelled as cruelty free. I am starting to think that I’m in more of I love to do the laundry person now, rather than just doing it because it needs doing. The ironing on the other hand… that can wait!

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