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Epson ET-4550 Ecotank Printer Review

We recently received an Epson ET-4550 Ecotank printer to review.  We print quite a lot of sheets at home as part of my self-employed work, my employed job and all of the extra prints that we make for fun.  My son often needs his homework printing, which is something that I am sure will only increase as he progresses to Secondary school.  My daughter has just started wanting to do ‘work’ on my laptop so I have spent time with her, typing her name into Word documents.  She loves seeing her work in print.  We are constantly adding photos to our scrapbooks.  Printing off photographs of old photos is something that I am doing at the moment as part of our memory books for my grandparents.  When I think about it, we do more printing than I imagined we do.

What we liked about the Epson ET-4550 Ecotank printer

Ink Costs

After years of owning printers that needed the ink cartridges replacing very often, due to the amount we have printed, the idea of this Epson ET-4550 printer having ink tanks that would last a lot longer was very appealing.  This printer comes with enough ink to last for two years.  The other printers I’ve had before have cost around £150, with cartridge sets costing around £25 per month for us.  I often get annoyed when one colour runs out, meaning that I cannot print any more.  With the Epson ET-4550 printer, this is not something that we have to worry about.  The ink is placed into four separate tanks, using the bottles of ink supplied instead of using cartridges.  Although this printer is more expensive (£369.99 at the time this post was published), I think that the ink costs (£7.66 for each colour, 70ml, and £10.99 for black, 140ml), will be likely to save you money over the printer’s lifetime.


This printer works using wi-fi, which is great.  My last couple of printers have had this feature so it is nothing new but I still think this is a great feature.  I don’t like having leads everywhere.  My last printer did often decide that the wireless wouldn’t work, for reasons unknown.  So far, this Epson printer has worked brilliantly each time.    As a part of this, using the iPrint app on smartphones means that you are able to wirelessly print from your phone. I am also able to email the printer, from my personal email.  I am quite impressed with this feature as I am still able to print when I am not at home.  This is something that would be very useful for my needs.

Features of the printer

The Epson ET-4550 Ecotank Printer is a 4-in-1 inkjet printer with print, copy, scan and fax functions.  I like that this printer is able to hold 150 A4 sheets in the front loading tray.  It also has the feature of duplex printing, which I have never had on a printer before.  At the moment, it is a novelty for us.

Reservations about the Epson ET-455 printer

This printer stands much taller than I had expected, with a height of 241mm.  Not really a problem but just something I’d noticed as it looks more like an office printer than a home printer that I am used to. I was initially thrilled that it included a fax machine function on the printer but when I thought about it a little, I realised that I only know my Gran has a fax machine.  She uses it once per month.  I will send a fax to her but I am unsure who else uses fax machines nowadays.  Who knows, maybe now I have a fax machine function on this printer, I will discover others that use faxes too? The ink cartridges require some care in using.  I wore some gloves and put some old carrier bags down to protect my desk.  These inks can stain clothes and other items so I had to be careful when putting the inks into their different tanks.

My overall thoughts about the Epson ET-4550 printer

I really like this printer.  My biggest annoyance with printers that I have before, is the ink costs.  We do a fair amount of printing so it is not surprising that we run out of ink regularly.  This printer will hopefully remove that annoyance though.  So far, it has been a very low maintenance printer so I hope it will continue that way. I feel that this printer suits our needs as a family.  It suits my needs for my jobs, with no worries about running out of one colour of ink and not being able to print those important sheets off just before I need them. 

The hazards of working late at night before deadlines the next day. I like that this printer has a copy and scan function as these are very useful for my work and for copying my children’s pictures to fit into our scrapbooks, as I sometimes make collages of some of their pictures using the scan function then modify/collate them on the computer. The wireless aspect of this printer is very useful. 

I often work on my laptop, which is quite a way from the printer so it is useful not to have to stand up and plug it in to print.  I can just get on with typing more as the printer does its’ job.  I really like that I am able to print from my phone and iPad easily.  Being able to email the printer to print documents remotely is a very useful tool. Overall, I think this printer would suit families and small offices, including being for those that work from home.  This is a good printer that does not require much maintenance.  It does everything I need a printer to do.

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