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Felt Fun With Viking Direct – Review

We were given a pack of a hundred sheets of felt (23cm x 23cm)to review from Viking Direct.  As you can see, there were a large variety of  colours in this pack, which have inspired us to get creative with them.

The Nickle Nackle Tree Felt Activity

My daughter has recently been exploring colours and numbers with the story, “The Nickle Nackle Tree,” by Lynley Dodd.  We matched the felt to the colours of the Ballyhoo Bird in the book and found that the colours were very similar.  I made my daughter a fun felt Ballyhoo Bird to play with.  You can find the rest of our, “The Nickle Nackle Tree,” activities here.

Minecraft Cushion Project

Due to my son’s obsession with Minecraft, he decided that he wanted to make a Minecraft cushion.  He designed the cushion on paper first and then chose the dark green felt with black thread. He proceeded to draw his design on the dark green felt square using a cloth marker that would fade/rub off when he had completed his work. Once he had completed carefully copying his design, he threaded the needle with thick black cotton and used a running stitch around all of the lines that he had drawn.  He concentrated well on this, not letting me help him very much due to his determination to do it on his own.

Overall, we were extremely pleased with the quality of this product.  There were several sheets of each colour and the sheets were a good size.  At £25.79, I thought that this pack was great value for money too, compared to other felt packs that I have bought in the past.  We have only used about six of the sheets so far which means that we have much more creating to do yet!  This pack would be excellent for all kinds of projects within a school setting too, in my opinion.  Activities that could be done include; small toy making projects, sensory letters and numbers, hand-eye co-ordination activities such as sewing, fun felt activities, small board games and these could also be used on interactive display boards.  You can find this pack as well as other art and craft supplies from Viking Direct’s School Ideas page.

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