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Gro To Bed Review

My daughter was very excited when we received a Daisy Dreams Gro to bed set to review from the Gro Company. As soon as it was delivered in it’s neat box, H wanted it on her bed immediately.  I always wash bedding before we use it so H patiently (kind of) waited for it as it spun around in the .

The bedding set came in one piece, with the quilt cover attached to the bottom sheet and with the pillow case sewn into the bottom sheet too.  This product is recommended for children from two years old, who are making the transition to single bed from their cot.  It is designed to help the child stay in the bed and to try to prevent them falling out during the night.  Both my children have done this over the years, as they relied on their cot sides to stop them previously.  I really like this idea.

After testing the bedding set to see if it did prevent tumbles, we found that H was unable to fall out of her bed.  We were also pleased that her quilt was not able to fall off, due to the zips keeping it on and her pillow stayed in place.  H often wakes in the night to find her quilt on the floor or her pillow in the wrong position.  When she spent her first night in the bedding set, she didn’t have these troubles and so we all got a better night’s sleep. 

H was still able to get herself out of the bed when she needed to use the toilet though. We were very pleased with this bedding set and would certainly recommend it to those that have children that often end up on the floor during the night or that lose their bedding.  I think the Gro-to-bed is a good bedding set for children making the move from cot to single bed.

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