How to De-Stress

How To De-Stress Five Top Tips

Life is hectic for all of us nowadays, so having coping mechanisms and knowing how to de-stress seems to be an important part of everyday life. I have been thinking about ways that I de-stress and the methods that work best for me. Here are my five top tips for how to de-stress.

Listen to Music to De-Stress

There is nothing better than putting on some great songs to listen to and have a boogie to. The best thing about listening to music is that there are so many different genres and styles available for us to listen to, that you can find music that particularly suits your mood. Most people know which band and which songs are the best ones to lift their mood. Having a dance to some upbeat music always makes me feel less stressed.


I have recently discovered how beneficial yoga can be. We have been attending parent and child yoga classes, which has helped us to feel very relaxed indeed. Our classes include some meditation and positive affirmations. I had not really considered taking part in yoga classes, until my children took part in a class at school. They told me how it was helping them to feel relaxed, so we decided to try some yoga classes outside of school too. Yoga has certainly helped my stress levels.

Do Something You Love

My stress levels usually creep up when I am at my busiest. Aiming to do a certain amount of work before a certain time, with the reward of doing something I love works well for my motivation. Many jobs seems never ending. There is always more to do. Having a bit of a goal can help with stress levels. Something I love usually involves eating something tasty or meeting up with a friend for a coffee.

Sleep to De-Stress

Sometimes stress can be caused by lack of sleep. Lack of sleep definitely doesn’t help if I am stressed for any other reason either.  I am certainly guilty of not getting enough sleep now and again. When I have had a particularly restless night, the next day feels more difficult. When small things start to annoy me and I start to feel less co-ordinated, I know it is time for a nap. Going to bed earlier for the following few nights helps me to de-stress a lot.

How to De-Stress When You Are Feeling Very Stressed

I will admit that sometimes I do get very stressed. When none of the above can help me to unwind, this is my go to method to de-stress. I stop. I stop doing everything. My brain does not work very efficiently when I am extremely stressed. The only thing I can do is stop everything and take a break.

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