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How To Keep Your Dog Safe This Winter

It is important to think about how to keep your dog safe this winter, especially with the many events and gatherings throughout Christmas time. Petplan have made this short video to help dog owners think about how to make Christmas a safer, more enjoyable time for dogs.

How to keep your dog safe this Christmas – Decorations

We love our Floppy dog very much but from the moment we put our Christmas decorations up, there have been a few problems that we have had to tackle.  Firstly, when putting up the decorations on our tree, Floppy spent quite some time stealing the decorations from the box.  She loved playing this game!  We, however, found it quite annoying and the poor fairy’s wings have never been the same since.  H made sure that the fairy was higher up in the tree after that horrific episode. As mentioned in the Petplan video, tinsel can be particularly harmful to dogs so I am glad Floppy didn’t get any of that.

How to keep your dog safe this Christmas – Food

One thing that surprised me in the video was the how to keep your dog safe with Christmas food.  Several foods from our traditional Christmas dinner are harmful for dogs.  It is important for  your dog to keep to his or her usual diet during the festive period.  You can see the video for more details but the ones that I was unaware of before include: cheese, chocolate, grapes, garlic, onion and mince pies. We always make sure Floppy has her usual food at the usual times.  Last year, we gave her some cooked rib bones to eat as a treat.  Or so we thought.  She only had two but proceeded to be very sick afterwards.  I have always believed that giving dogs cooked bones were good for dogs.  This was a misconception for us and I am sure that other dog owners are unaware of this too.

Each Christmas, we make sure we visit Grandparents.  We are very lucky that they live in the countryside, with lots of fields we are allowed to walk in.  After all the visitors and the massive amount of fuss she gets from each one of them, Floppy often goes a bit crazy.  She gets too excited and starts running around at full speed.  With small children and older adults about, this can be dangerous as she doesn’t seem to care who or what she runs into.  That half an hour or so of peace and quiet as we go for a family walk down the fields is just what we all need and is a good example of how to keep your dog safe at Christmas time (and everyone else!

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