Digital Legacy

How To Protect Your Digital Legacy

As a person living in this digital age, I often wonder what will happen to my digital legacy when I pass away. Here are some thoughts on our online lives and what we can do to protect our online estate in the weeks, months and possibly years after we die.

A Life Online

Many people nowadays depend on many services online. From utilities to shopping to banking and so many more. Photographs and videos are shared online to social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. There are so many special memories shared online, which amount to many pieces of our lives over the years.

What Happens to Your Digital Legacy when you Die?

It is important to plan for what might happen to your online information when you pass away. You may have written a Will to give you peace of mind for when the inevitable does happen. Your assets will be dealt with in the way you wish them to be. Now that people have many assets and precious memories online in this modern age, what happens to this digital information in the event of your death? How can you communicate your wishes for your online life? This is something I have been wondering lately.

What Happens to Passwords, Accounts and Recorded Memories?

Most people have a ridiculous amount of password protected sites that they need to visit on a regular basis. To make any changes to online utilities accounts, you usually need passwords and security codes to do so. After you have passed away, a trusted family member will probably need to make sure all of your accounts are closed and that the different companies you make payments to each month, are informed.

Without knowing passwords and security answers, this can be a difficult task to say the least. Social media profiles, filled with memories that your family will cherish will need to be accessed. Maybe you have worked for years on an online journal or blog and have shared more snippets of your life that will be of comfort to friends and family. Some loved ones may want to save the moments you have shared during the years online. Accounts may also need to be closed or friends contacted to be informed of your death.

How to Protect Your Digital Legacy

To protect your digital legacy online, can be a great solution. It has an easy to use system for all ages and is available 24/7. You are able to assign between 1 and 50 named trustees of your choice to have access to your account, dependent on the payment plan you choose.

Having all of your important documents and ways for loved ones to access your online world when you have passed, can be incredibly useful. Times like this are difficult so if everything is in one place and easy to access, this can make things much easier to sort out. It is important to protect your online legacy. A service like seems to offer a solution to the question of what happens to your online accounts when you die. It is certainly something to consider.

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