Syria’s Children

How You Can Help To Save Syria’s Children

After seeing the shocking photographs of little Aylan Kurdi in the media, I have joined with some other bloggers to think about how we can help save Syria’s children. Wars are complicated affairs and affect many millions of people in the countries involved. Many of these people are ordinary civilians, like us. If you would like to find out more about this crisis you can look at Mercy Corps website for some quick but important facts about the Syria crisis. The photo of that poor boy on the beach has made me think a lot lately and I went through a range of emotions. My initial thoughts were how unbelievably devastating and how unfair it is that this poor boy, his family and many, many others like him, had to suffer like this. My second thought was outrage that a photograph of a dead child was there for all to see.

How awful with regards to dignity in death, the feelings of his family and for anyone viewing the photograph. The photo was shared many times, cartoons were drawn and many opinions were given about who should help. The overriding thought I had was that I had no idea how I could help. What difference would I make? Anyway, how I would I even go about helping? At one point, I couldn’t look at these news stories and Facebook posts any more. I know that if you don’t look, then these awful things are still happening but I just couldn’t look at that picture without thinking, what if that had happened to me and my family?

So, how can any of us help to save Syria’s children?

1. Five practical ways to help are outlined by The Independent here.

2. You can also donate to Save the Children (please be aware of the Terms and Conditions): TEXT 70008 and the word SYRIA to donate £5 or donate via the website. 

3. You can make a care package. Please see the CalAid Facebook Page for more information.

A final note

My hope is that many countries all around the world will support these people in their time of need. Many individuals working towards this will make a huge difference to these people. Even just raising awareness by sharing this post or any of the many, many wonderful blog posts by other bloggers using the #SaveSyriasChildren hashtag on all social media channels will help.

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