Karcher Pressure Washer

Karcher Pressure Washer From FFX Review

FFX sent us vouchers to purchase a Karcher K2 240v 100 bar compact pressure washer and other products for the purposes of this review. FFX is a large, independent supplier of tools, construction consumables and many other products and is based in Folkestone, Kent. This year, I have been determined to buy a pressure washer to clean my driveway and the paths around our house. Luckily, FFX asked if I would like to choose an item from their website to review so I immediately started looking at the pressure washers on their website. FFX sells a wide range of tools, hardware and consumables, clothing and protection as well as garden and outdoors products.

Pressure Washers on the FFX Website

The FFX website has a good choice of pressure washers for several brands. I was pleased to see that there were a range of prices too. My shed is not the largest so I looked for a more compact pressure washer. I have had a pressure washer before and it was quite bulky and very noisy. FFX have details of their products that are quite detailed, from the weight of the products to the frequency. I found these details very useful when thinking about which pressure washer was the right one for our needs. I chose a Karcher K2 240v 100 bar compact pressure washer as it is lightweight and quieter than some of the other I perused.

Setting Up the Karcher K2 Compact Pressure Washer

Getting the Karcher K2 Compact pressure washer set up was a very simple process. Sometimes I buy a new product and have to ask for help setting things up but not with this pressure washer. I was able to put this together quickly and easily as it all just slotted together. My Dad helped by demonstrating how to put this together for these photographs.

How Well Did the Pressure Washer Clean my Driveway, Walls and Paths?

I would say very well! I was extremely impressed with this cleaning tool. It came with two nozzles including the dirt blaster which fits onto the trigger gun. It was immediately obvious that the pressure washer was doing a great job of cleaning the paths, wall and driveway. I even ended up cleaning the gas and electricity boxes as well as the bins at the bottom of my driveway. I’ve received several compliments about how clean my driveway looks now. After years of dirt build up, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly this Karcher compact tool worked.

Overall Verdict

This cleaning tool was reasonably priced for the efficient job it did. Easy to put together and lightweight, this product is compact enough to sit tidily in my shed. I was very pleased that this machine worked quietly; compared to other pressure washers I’ve tried before. As I dropped the trigger gun for my last pressure washer and cracked it, I was very pleased that this model is impact resistant. My driveway and paths are very clean now, which is exactly what I wanted. This product is all I expected and more.

Although there was a delay with delivery, due to stock levels, FFX informed me via email of the issues, explained the problem and informed me of a new delivery date. We have ordered products before and after this review and have had no issues with delivery on these occasions. The wide range of products on the FFX website are certainly worth checking out. Have you tried any products from the Karcher range? You should spend some time browsing the FFX website for high quality tools, fixings and building supplies.

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