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I absolutely love putting photographs on Instagram so I thought I’d share my Instagram favourites.  We have had a variety of family, food, lifestyle and Floppy dog pictures on our Instagram feed lately.

Floppy dog is a great model and is very patient with me when I take her photograph.  Here are some of my favourites of her.

We have been having a new kitchen fitted over the past month.  It has not gone completely to plan but we are slowly getting there.  I really hope it will be finished over the next week or so.

My new kitchen. It was supposed to be finished on Wednesday, at the latest. I *might* get handles for my doors tomorrow. I *might* also get my drawers and other worktop tomorrow too. I *might* get the walls plastered by NEXT Thursday. At this rate, it’s possible my kitchen will look like this for a while yet. The guys actually fitting it have been fantastic though. I absolutely cannot fault them. They even stayed late yesterday evening to make sure we had a sink as we’d had to do without one for a bit due to a problem at the warehouse. I love our new kitchen but I just want it finished now. I’m actually laughing at the moment, otherwise I’d be crying! * * * * * #kitchendisaster #notfinishedyet #youvegottalaugh #kitchenrenovation #kitchen #homeimprovement #kitchenfitting #frustrated #frustration #frustrating #waitedtoolong #nothappy #disappointed #cannotwaituntilitsfinished #kitchendecor #kitchendoors #nokitchendoors #whyarewewaiting #disorganised #laughing #fail

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H has been enjoying looking at the Triops each day to see how much they have grown.  She has also really enjoyed practicing her drawing skills and was particularly proud of her giant anteater picture.

S had a great Splatoon themed birthday party.  It was a very colourful affair.  I still can’t believe how quickly he is growing up though.

As different fruits are now in season, we have all taken advantage of this and have eaten a good bowlful each day.  I also seem to have become a little bit obsessed with eating green and black olives in Mediterranean herbs and garlic.  I think the black ones are my favourites at the moment.  I used to hate these but my taste buds must have changed as I can not get enough of them now.

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We have enjoyed many times in various parks.  My children absolutely adore the blossom on the trees, with H calling them, ‘Snow Flowers.’  She always seems to have different, yet beautiful, names for all sorts of things lately.  I really must write them down.

Do you enjoy putting photos on Instagram?  Which photographs do you enjoy looking at the most on your Instagram feed?  I think we all have our own Instagram favourites.

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