Jules and Nina Dine Out Book Review

Jules and Nina Dine Out
Jules and Nina Dine Out

Last month, we were given, ‘Jules and Nina Dine Out,’ written by Anita Pouroulis and illustrated by Agata Krawczyk, to review.  The book was presented in a take away pizza box, with sweets in a doggy bag, hand wipes, napkins and a menu inside.

The book was presented as a take away pizza box set
The book was presented as a take away pizza box set
H enjoyed playing with the box
H enjoyed playing with the box

In this story, we are introduced to a girl called Jules and her dogs Nina and George.  Nina is a spoilt dog, according to Jules’ parents so spoilt in fact, that she gets taken to a restaurant with Jules, her Mum and her Dad.  The restaurant manager tells them that Nina is not welcome in the restaurant which means that she has to sit outside, tied to the lamp post.  Jules talks to Nina through the window, pretending the food is inedible and disgusting to make Nina feel better about having to sit outside.  This story is a lovely tale of the loving relationship between a girl and her dogs, which is one that both my children could relate to.

S: "I like this page best."
S: “I like this page best.”

S particularly enjoyed the descriptions Jules gave of her food when she was trying to make it sound more disgusting when describing it to her sad looking dog outside.  He liked the idea of, “Giant Grasping Grasshoppers,” when describing lamb chops and the “‘Greasy Goblin Fingers’ from the goblins of the ‘Enchanted Everglades'” when describing chips. He loved the alliteration in this story as well as how it made him think about how he could describe some of his food.

H: "I like this page the best."
H: “I like this page the best.”

H really liked the page with Jules’ two dogs on, where George was full of left overs from the meal as Nina looks on, disapprovingly.  She said that it reminded her of our dog, Floppy, when she was full of food.

S eating the sweets
S eating the sweets from the doggy bag
H enjoying the sweets
H enjoying some of her own sweets
Sweet energy
Using up the sweet energy

Overall, both children really enjoyed this story.  They loved the illustrations as they were different to other pictures they have seen in books. The patterns almost made the illustrations feel like a collage of sorts.  Finding the  twenty-five snails in the pages was a fun task that both children enjoyed too.  I think that ‘Jules and Nina Dine Out,’ would be ideal for any child who loves dogs.

‘Jules and Nina Dine Out,’ is available from 1st May 2015 RRP@ £6.99 Published by Digital Leaf.  This title is the first of a series of books that will be in the shops soon, including, ‘Nina Goes Barking Mad,’ ‘Nina Has a Birthday Party,’ and ‘Nina The Pretty Ballerina.’


Disclaimer:  We received a copy of the story in a special box with other items, as shown in the photographs, in return for this honest review.  All opinions are my own.