Keeping Children Safe Online


With the internet being a part of everyday life for a lot of children now, it is important to keep them safe online. There are several things that you can do to be proactive in keeping children safe online.

Monitor Children’s Use of the Internet

I think that it is important to keep an eye on the websites and games that children are accessing online. Children use tablets, laptops, home computers and a range of handheld devices that they are able to access the internet from. We make sure that we are in the same room as the children when they are accessing the internet. All screens need to be able to be viewed by me at a glance. A condition of using the internet is that I will look at their browsing history whenever I want to.

Using a Good Anti-Virus and Malware Software and Setting up Parental Controls

I think that It is very important to have good anti-virus software as well as malware software running on your devices. Keeping children safe online can be helped by this software to limit the possibility of your computer becoming infected. You can find some coupons here.

Setting up parental controls from your internet provider is a good idea. For Chrome,  you can also add one or more toolbar extensions to make your child’s time on the internet safer.

Talk to Your Children

Talking to your children about internet safety is a key part of keeping your children safe online. Even though we use the internet everyday and accept it as normal to do so, it is important to stress that not everyone on the internet is as ‘nice’ as you think they may be. Discuss only chatting online to people they know in real life.

You could also discuss the safe websites that they are allowed to go on and what to look out for if they stumble upon something that isn’t quite right. Make sure they feel they are able to chat to you about any times that they do not feel safe on the internet. If they do tell you that they have stumbled across a website that isn’t safe for some reason, make sure that you handle it calmly and thank them for bringing it to your attention.

How do you keep your children safe online?

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