Keeping digital photos


With my love of Instagram, I have been spending a good amount of time looking at these photos and wondering if they will be available for me to view online forever. When I was younger, there were less photographs taken of me as a child as buying a camera, the film and getting the pictures developed was quite expensive back then. When we did get some developed though, my parents displayed them proudly in picture frames around our home or they were put carefully into photo albums.

I have spent a lot of time over the past eight years, making scrap books and compiling photo albums to help me to remember as much of S’s and H’s childhoods as possible. I don’t really want to forget a thing, even though I know that I have forgotten things already.  It is inevitable that things are forgotten. We do remember the main things that have happened though as well as the seemingly less important parts of their childhoods.

Over the past couple of years, I have been bogged down with work, housework, getting my son to do his homework, looking after the dog, visiting relatives and generally looking after the children. This has meant that my photos are still on my computer somewhere (and on a hard drive and on a separate computer, as well as on discs and also on memory sticks-can you tell that I lost some before when a laptop gave up suddenly?). I still feel weird about this though. I am the kind of person that needs a physical bit of paper with our images printed on. Although I have saved our photographs onto a stupid number of devices, I am still worried that one day, something will change and they will no longer be available for me to view. I also find that scrolling through my thousands of photos is not quite as relaxing as flicking through an actual photo album book. Maybe I’m just old fashioned?

Lately, I have been looking at getting some photo books printed. In the past, I have loved the look and feel of these books from Snapfish and Photobox. After looking on I found a couple of vouchers for Snapfish (you will have to check current offers as these change all the time).  I think I shall have to invest in a couple of photo books to put my mind at rest.  Now all I need to do is choose which ones to put in the books…


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