Why We Love Education Quizzes (And You Should, Too!) : A Review


We have been trying out Education Quizzes this week.  This is a website has a whole host of educational quizzes, written by teachers, for Key Stage One all the way up to GCSE level.  It contains every subject in the new curriculum, with quizzes for the different strands of each subject.  It even has 11-Plus, English as a Second Language and Specialist quizzes.  In my opinion, many of these quizzes could be used for any age.

Who can use Education Quizzes?

All school aged children should be able to use this website, as long as they are subscribed to it.  Subscription costs £7.50 per month, which can be cancelled at any time.  Alternatively, you could recommend Education Quizzes to your child’s school. I know I am a parent that can’t really afford £90 per year to spend on anything apart from the essentials.  Schools can benefit from greatly reduced costs for Education Quizzes, dependent on the number of pupils in the school.  Schools are paid over £4,500 per pupil each year and with Education Quizzes costing £2 or slightly more for every pupil per year, it might be something they would be interested in purchasing.  These quizzes could be used as homework, which could help parents understand more about what their child is learning at school.

I tried out some of the quizzes and found them really interesting.  There are ten questions in each quiz, with multiple choice answers.  As soon as you click the answer, it tells you if it is correct or incorrect, with an explanation to support your learning.  Some of these questions are not as easy as you’d imagine.

Why We Love Education Quizzes

My son and I have been looking at this website and completing the tasks for English, Maths as well as Science for Key Stage 2.  There are several reasons why we love Education Quizzes, including these:

  • The quizzes are written by teachers.  I think this is very important as these are the experts in the classrooms each and every day, teaching these subjects to our children.  If anybody is to write a useful, helpful quiz to support children in their learning, it is them.
  • These questions are fun to answer.  My son has been really enjoying these multiple choice questions.  He is well motivated to use this website and it keeps him interested for a good amount of time.  He can use this independently without any trouble.
  • The layout is appealing.  We really like the layout of this website.  It has colourful photos and clearly set out questions.
  • It is a great tool for engaging parents.  Sometimes, I find it difficult to keep track of what S is learning at school.  He seems to learn so much each day.  I ask him what he has done during the day but he is usually tired so I get responses to say that he can’t remember.  I think this is a fantastic way to get children talking to their parents about what they are doing all day and to be able to show off their knowledge.
  • I absolutely love that there is a music theory section, up to Grade 5.  I would have loved this as a child, when I was learning how to play the piano for all those years.  There weren’t many theory resources back then so this would have been ideal for me.
  • My son really enjoyed the science quizzes, in particular.  He showed me quizzes where he had learnt that topic last term or in his previous academic year. He was very proud of his ten out of ten score that was recorded next to the title of the quiz on the science quiz list page.
  • We love that the tests can be taken again and again.  If you get six out of ten to start with, you can repeat the test and show that you have learnt from the mistakes in the first test.
  • This website is great for revision for all subjects.

Final Verdict

S has talked very highly of this website so much so that H, who is four years old, is getting interested in it too.  She has sat with me and talked about some of the pictures on the site.  Although not quite old enough to fully understand this website yet, she is feeling enthusiastic about learning.

Education Quizzes are so much fun!  Some of the questions are a bit of a challenge but I think that is a good thing.  If they were all easy, I wouldn’t want to play. I have learnt some more things about our topic at school and I am going to tell my teacher tomorrow.

S, Aged 9 (Year 4)


Have you tried the Education Quizzes website?  Will you be recommending it to your child’s school?


Disclosure:  We were given a trial of this website for the purposes of this review.  We were compensated for this post.  All opinions are honest and my own. Please see the website for current subscription prices.  The prices in this post are current at the time of publishing.

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