Low Cost Activities For The Holidays

During the school holidays, it is useful to have some low cost activities to keep your children busy. Although prices can vary in different areas, this is our experience of different activities on offer. Here a few ideas for low cost activities for the holidays ideas:

Your Local Leisure Centre and Youth Clubs for Low Cost Activities for the Holidays

My children’s school send out leaflets just before each holiday. In all honesty, they often end up in the bin due to other commitments we have. This time though, we have decided to fully embrace the activities on offer. Booking the children into some crash course swimming lessons, trampoline activities, laser quest, discos, escape room missions and inflatable obstacle courses has given them something to really look forward to this half term holiday. I was really surprised by the cost of these activities in our area too. Several youth club activities were around £2.50 for around 3 hours and generally, the leisure centre activities were around £5.00 for a couple of hours. These low cost activities for the holidays are something that my children are really looking forward to.

Painting Pottery

After spending a wonderful holiday at Center Parcs some years ago, I found that my children absolutely loved taking part in the painting pottery activities. Choosing the pre-made ornament/coaster/vase/plate to paint meant that my children spent well over an hour choosing colours and painting their pottery carefully. Both children were so proud of their work that it has been proudly displayed on my windowsill ever since.

We have noticed that there are many shops opening that have pottery painting available for children and adults alike. We are lucky enough to have one that has just opened in our town so will be visiting this during the holidays. In our area, each piece of pottery costs between £5 and £13 for the pottery, paint and firing, as well as the time taken to paint it at a craft table in the shop. We think that this is a wonderful, calming activity that many children and adults can enjoy.

Indoor Soft Play Areas

Although I realise that for many, indoor soft play areas are the stuff of nightmares, we actually quite like them. Now that my children are that little bit older, I find the indoor soft play areas are not as stressful as I once found them. We have found that looking around the local area to find a smaller venue has worked out cheaper for us. It also has the added bonus that I have been able to spot my children more easily while they are playing.

Going for a Short Break in the UK or Abroad

You can find some great deals for short breaks and holidays in the UK and abroad if you are able to spend some time searching for one. We have found some good local, last minute deals for short breaks that we have enjoyed. You can also look on websites like DealsDaddy and DealsPlanet for discounts on hotel bookings and flights.

Meeting Up With Friends

This year I have been terrible at meeting up with friends. Life, work and other commitments have seemed to just get in the way. I realised that I had told one particular person that we would meet up with her and her children ‘soon.’ EIGHT months later, it still hasn’t happened. I have also been saying this, “We should meet up soon,” phrase to others in the meantime. Co-ordinating our schedule with the schedules of others and their families can be a task and a half, in our experience.

I decided that we needed to do something about this. After finding a date to meet up with my daughters’ friends, their siblings and their mothers, I sent a group message to everyone that I’d promised to meet up with and suggested we all meet together. Luckily, each of them happened to be free on that day in the holidays. We had arranged to all meet at the local common but due to the dismal weather, we have decided to meet at our house. All the children are very excited. It will be brilliant to have a catch up with all of the mums too. This is one of our favourite low cost holiday activity options. For the price of some tea bags, milk and squash, we have great company and always have a lovely time.

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