Magic Belles CD Review

My daughter loves dancing!  At every available opportunity, she dances.  At my brother’s wedding, she danced from 8pm until 1am the next day non-stop.  I was amazed at her stamina!  She did sleep very well for the week following the wedding though.  Naturally, when I was given the opportunity to review the Magic Belles CD, I thought this was perfect for my little dancer.

Magic Belles CD
Magic Belles CD

According to their website:

The Magic Belles are tiny, jingly, little fairies who look after life’s special wonders!

They live in a colourful place called Bellevue, where they fly around using swirling, sparkling flutterbuds, sprinkle magic dust from cute little handbags and make magical, musical symphonies together!

The CD is aimed at 3 to 7 year old girls and the songs have a pop/nursery rhyme feel to them as can be heard with titles such as, ‘The Rainbow Song,’ and ‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’  We think that this would be a good CD to play at a party.  My daughter is not quite three years old yet but she enjoyed it all the same.  It did however, take her listening to it a couple of times to like it.  The first time that she listened to it, she was feeling poorly and I played it to cheer her up.  It didn’t work!  So I showed her the free Magic Belles App and she absolutely loved that.  There were many different interactive musical activities to do and she enjoyed looking at the fairies as well as the animals on the App.  Once she had finished trying out most of the activities, she asked for the CD to be put on again and this time enjoyed it.  She even did a little wiggly dance!

You can find the Magic Belles Facebook Page here and follow them on Twitter @magicbelles

  • This sounds like a cute CD. My little lady loves a dance too!

  • My little niece loves to dance! Daddy plays music all day long ^_^

  • my daughters love miusic and play it on their karaoke all day long , i think the younger ones would like this x

  • My little girl has just started to dance, she would probably love this x

  • Sounds fun – we had an ELC “Party Dancing” DVD years back which they still get out every so often!

  • We had their app and love it. I think my daughter would like this cd

  • Such cute packaging, this looks and sounds like something my niece would adore! xxx

  • My daughter would love this, she is always singing and dancing (and it would make a change from listening to Frozen!)

  • My children don’t love to dance just yet but maybe this kind of music would help!

  • Looks fab, I LOVE dancing! My favourite is Katy Perry – Roar!

  • Sweet! J loves to dance, makes me tap my feet too!

  • VaiChin

    This looks like a nice gift for any little girl.

  • Oh what a sweet sounding CD for little girls 🙂 x

  • my reception class would love to dance to this

  • Eliza would love this…..anyting for a break from Frozen lol

  • What a great looking CD – so fun! To dance is to truly experience life.

  • I’ve just installed the app for Ella. She too loves dancing 🙂