Miles Kelly 300 Fantastic Facts Book Review

We were very excited to receive four titles from the Miles Kelly 300 Fantastic Facts range to review.  We received the History, Science, Bugs and Earth fact books.  These titles were perfect for my nine year old son’s current interests.  You can read our review of the Miles Kelly Picture Dictionary and 100 Facts Inventions here.

300 Fantastic Facts: History

This history fact book is has three main sections: Egypt, Greece and Rome.  Each page is beautifully illustrated with lots of detail included in the pictures.  We really like the way that the facts are all put into bit sized chunks by being clearly numbered throughout the book. This book contains short, fun quizzes, cartoons and features such as illustrated instructions about how Egyptians used to make papyrus.  Most aspects of life and the lifestyles of these different cultures are described and explained well in this book.  S’s favourite facts were on page 40 as he enjoyed reading about Egyptian doctors and calendars.

300 Fantastic Facts: Science

Science is S’s favourite subject at school.  He also spends a lot of time reading science books at home so this fact book was perfect for him.  This fact book contains three main topics, including Science, Great Scientists and the Human Body.  For S, this was a great breadth of information and he really enjoyed finding out about all of these. His favourite part were the Compu-science pages as he is really interested in finding out more about how computers work.

300 Fantastic Facts: Bugs

S and H have spent a lot of time in the garden this summer.  They have found many bugs as they have helped with the gardening in both our garden and their grandparent’s garden.  H has particularly enjoyed spotting the butterflies.  S has been more interested in the spiders now that he has recently decided that he is not afraid of them any more. This book contains sections on Bugs, Spiders, Butterflies and Moths.  It contains a mixture of detailed illustrations and photographs to support the interesting facts in there.  S really liked the facts on the more fearsome bugs in this book.  I think he mainly wanted to scare me for fun, to be honest!

300 Fantastic Facts: Earth

This fact book about the earth had three main topics, including Planet Earth, Oceans and Weather.   As with the other Miles Kelly books in this series, it contained quizzes and absolutely wonderfully detailed illustrations as well as photographs.  It even contains some how to sections, as the other books do too, so that S can take part in some activities related to the facts he’s just read about. Since visiting the Natural History Museum in London, S has loved looking at gemstones.  He intends to be a geologist when he grows up as well as doing his computer science, so the page on gemstones was definitely his favourite from this book.


Overall, we thought that these fact books were great.  S has spent a lot of time reading through them and has repeated lots of the facts to me.  He has used the books to explain all sorts of interesting things to his sister too.  Thesehese books would be a great addition to any home or school library.  I know that S will be dipping in and out of these for many years to come.  I also think that H would enjoy reading these when she is a bit older.   So far, she has enjoyed looking at the pictures and discussing what she can see.  I think that these are great value too.  They have a RRP of £9.99.  I think these would be ideal as gifts for birthday or Christmas for children with inquisitive minds.

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