We were sent two books from Miles Kelly to review, which included the Junior Picture Dictionary and 100 Facts Inventions.  Both S and H were very excited about their new books and couldn’t wait to read them.

Junior Picture Dictionary

I think this is the perfect book for H at the moment.  She is four years old and is asking questions about EVERYTHING, all of the time.  This book has helped to answer some of her many questions.  We loved how there were clear illustrations and how the vocabulary was linked to these.  Although she is not able to read these words yet, the illustrations were a brilliant starting point for lots of discussions. Her absolute favourite pages were about dinosaurs.  She is obsessed with them at the moment (you can read about her Dinosaur Party here) so having several pages all about her favourite topic was like a dream come true for H! 

For S’s class theme at school, they have been discussing dinosaurs and have spent lots of time on different dinosaur projects.  He found the names of a few dinosaurs that he didn’t know before. Grandma and Granddad recently bought some Venus fly traps for their home.  H was very interested in these and was very excited when she saw that they were included in the Picture Dictionary. We were all very impressed with this Miles Kelly book and would certainly recommend it for inquisitive little ones.

100 Facts Inventions

S spends quite a lot of his time trying to make his own inventions so this Miles Kelly book about inventions was a perfect addition to his bookshelf.  We really liked that this book had inventions throughout different times in history.  My son’s favourite pages were in the beginning and the transport inventions pages.  S was inspired by this book and used some rocks and a stick to make his own axe that they may have used in the picture below.  S really liked the fun facts, quizzes and cartoons throughout the book.

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