Millionaire Genie

This week, I have been treated to £5.00 worth of credit on a new game on Millionaire Genie is a slot game that has an Arabian Nights theme, with a Genie guarding the ever changing jackpot (it was almost £500,000 when I played but was constantly changing so if you have a go, it might be different), as well as music to suit the theme playing constantly in the background.  I quite liked the music as I found it to be calming. Millionaire Genie Game, please note the jackpot changes constantly.

The game started with the Genie emerging from his lamp then the rules were explained:

The symbols on the tiles included a magic lamp, a bag of golden coins, a snake with a green jewel, a key on a magic carpet, a magic book as well as playing cards for Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10. On my first spin I bet 1p on each tile, which meant that my total bet was 15p per spin.  This was all written down and worked out for me at the bottom of the screen, which meant that I did not need to think too much about the maths! I pressed, “Spin,” which made the tiles all spin vertically.  I was very excited that on this first go, I’d got 3 Scatter symbols that meant that I was rewarded with 13 free spins! 

The game awards you a random number of free spins when you match the 3 Scatter symbols.  The game spun the tiles for me automatically for the free 13 spins and I won £1.75!   This made me want to play on so I tried the automatic spin option that meant I had 10 games, one after the other.  There were other options for automatic spins, including 10, 25, 50 and 75 spins. If I had got 3 tiles that matching tiles with a girl with a pink scarf on, I would have been able to play a bonus round.  Unfortunately, I did not match these before my credit ran out.

As with many gambling games that I have played in the past, this slot game was all down to luck rather than any kind of skill.  I played the game on my computer but I read that it is also available on Apple and Android devices. I really enjoyed playing this game.  I do not gamble very often so this was a bit of a treat for me.  It was fun when I won each time, even if it was only 10p at a time.  I spent about half an hour using my £5.00 credit and I enjoyed imagining what I would spend the money on if I happened to win.  I hope you enjoy the game as much as I did if you have a go on the game yourself!

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