Most Popular Blog Posts For September

As the new school year has started and we are getting into our new routines, I thought that looking through out most popular blog posts for September would be a great idea to help me get back into the routine of blogging.  September has been a hectic month for my family, which has meant that blogging has taken a bit of a back seat.  Now that things are settling down, I am excited at the prospect of having more time to write blog posts. Although I have been away from this blog for a little while, my posts have still be read and shared so thank you all for stopping by.   Here are the most popular blog posts for September on Dillydrops Blog.

Popular Family Posts

How to Survive Being Ill as a Single Parent – It is difficult balancing parenting with having the usual winter bugs.  Here is a guide to making things easier for yourself during these times. How to Get Children Ready for School in Good Time – As the new term is well underway, it seems that this post is gaining popularity.  We struggled for ages with this.  Mornings used to be such a chore, with me usually resorting to shouting, “We need to leave! Now!” as S would still be half way through getting dressed.  Things are much calmer and easier now that we have figured out how to speed up the process of getting ready for school.

Popular Lifestyle and Review Posts

As we get closer and closer to Christmas (sorry for mentioning it!), it seems some of you are getting prepared nice and early.  Our Christmas Card Wishlist blog post has been very popular this month.  To be honest, I haven’t even thought about Christmas cards yet.  Maybe I should! Floppy is very lucky to have been able to review some of the Pooch and Mutt dog food a while ago.  I hope our review of this dog food has been useful.

Popular Food Posts

Our Dairy Free and Egg Free Carbonara Recipe is still very popular.  For years, I wished I could eat something that tasted and had the texture of spaghetti carbonara as I used to love that dish.  Now that I can’t eat food with cows’ milk or egg in, this dish seemed impossible to recreate.  I am happy to say that I was able to substitute the egg and cream, with a little help from a visit to our local Holland and Barratt store.For us, the weather seems to have turned cooler this week.  We are definitely feeling more autumnal here.  As a result, I think that finding recipes for winter warmers has become more of a priority.  We are already batch making soups to keep us warm.  Our Easy Egg Free and Dairy Free Lasagne Recipe blog post is very popular at the moment.  Actually, I think I might make this for tea.  Yum!

Popular Photography Posts

As we have had a little bit of time away from writing longer blog posts over the past few weeks, I have made sure to still include my photography blog posts twice per week.  I am currently doing a course in photography so am hoping that this will improve the quality of my photographs for this blog.  Our most popular photography blog posts have been Wooden Logs for Winter and the Dizzy Dinosaur Game.  Both of these take me right back to my childhood.

Our Most Popular Blog Posts for September

We have really enjoyed looking through to see which blog posts  have been the most popular this month.  It is interesting to see which posts that you enjoy reading the most.  Which was your favourite blog post for September?

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