My Blogging Goals For January

I have been thinking long and hard about my blogging goals for January. I do like to set myself goals as it helps me to focus and usually helps me to learn more.  I am pleased to say that I have managed to achieve the majority of the goals I had set for myself throughout the year.  I realise that goal setting doesn’t work for some people but for me, it is a great motivation tool.

To improve my photography skills.

Getting a new camera and a ‘Dummies’ guide to using it, this Christmas will certainly help me to achieve this goal.  I feel that the photos on my blog have improved over but I would like them to be even better in 2016.  I would like to learn more about the technical side of using a SLR camera to get out of using the automatic mode and to understand how to use more of the manual features. After reading lots of blogs this year, I have been impressed by the photography on Bark Time, Oh So Amelia and I have seen how You Baby Me Mummy has improved her photography skills over 2015.  I have also loved following FMS Photo a Day. These have all, amongst others, inspired me to improve my own photography skills.

To learn how to make and use a child theme

This is something I have avoided for a long time.  I have not felt confident enough to be able to make a child theme for my blog and have instead, manually re-entered the coding for my blog every time the theme has updated.  This is an annoying task, so I am determined that I will learn how to use a child theme to avoid the hassle of copying code each time.

To write a blogging social share schedule and stick to it

I still haven’t seem to grasp how to manage my time efficiently for sharing my blog posts on the many social media outlets.  I have improved a massive amount over the past couple of years but things are still not as I would like them to be.  I would like to create and use a blogging schedule that is easier to fit with my lifestyle.  I have cracked actually finding the time to write blog posts but sharing them in the various groups I’m in, has become overwhelming at times.  I really need to carefully think about where the most blog traffic comes from and focus on those areas.

To continue to read as many blog posts as I can

This year, I have particularly enjoyed reading the blogs on my blog roll (see sidebar) as well as many, many others. I have discovered new blogs and watched how older blogs have changed and grown over the year.  Each one has inspired me, offered advice and helped me to understand more about different aspects of life.  I hope to read lots more in January and beyond.

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