New Kitchen Woes and How to Overcome Them


We ordered our new kitchen several months ago, after years of saving and deciding which style would look best in our home.  It was a fun process, spending hours on Pinterest and  websites to think about the different possibilities for each part.  I chose my units and they are in the process of being installed this month.  Things haven’t run as smoothly as I’d hoped with the new kitchen.  After speaking to several people about their experiences of having a new kitchen fitted, it seems that I am not the only one that hasn’t been entirely satisfied with the process.

Our New Kitchen

Having a new kitchen is very exciting but more stressful than I’d anticipated.  We’ve had kitchen fitters arrive with nothing to fit, no sink for a couple of days, we’ve had the whole kitchen plastered, including the lino, fridge, windows, bins, hoover, back door and even the dog’s water bowl as well as the whole process taking over two weeks longer than originally expected.

Our old kitchen.
Our old kitchen.

I ordered a fridge that was to be delivered before the kitchen fitters arrived.  A fridge freezer arrived, which certainly was not the one that I’d ordered.  The company that had sent it were really difficult to contact and it took a lot of phone calls as well as four weeks to get my money back.  Unfortunately, I was unable to afford to buy a new fridge before the money from the first fridge had been sent.

A couple of days before the work was expected to begin, I had the news that I was to have a cut in my income.  Any change to my income, no matter how small, does affect my overall budget.  As a result, I realised that I would not be able to afford the extra items that I’d planned to buy after my new kitchen had been finished.  My table and chairs are old, dirty and broken so I really wanted new ones.  I really needed some new flooring and was hoping to get some real wood to cover the floor.  After this cut in wages, I am looking at fitting vinyl flooring instead.  Even so, this is still an extra expense that I will need to save up for now.  I did save some money but that money has gone into my usual house budget now to cover the shortfall in my income.

The units and tiles were removed.
The units and tiles were removed.

The Solutions

After being worried that my new kitchen would never be finished, I have been assured by the company that it will be done by lunch time today.  It’s looking great so far.  I can either wait and save up again for these finishing touches to my kitchen or I can think about getting a short term guarantor loan with UK Credit.  I could borrow £1000 and repay it within 12 months.  This would mean that I could get my kitchen finished and my house back in order sooner.  I’ve been living with half the kitchen in the living room for weeks now, it would be nice to get everything back to normal as soon as I can.  I think that I would need to read more of the details into the terms of the loan, if I were to choose this option.

When my kitchen is finished, I will show you what it looks like on a blog post.  I love the units so far.  I really cannot wait to start using my new kitchen properly.  Have you had a new kitchen fitted?  Did you run in to any issues?


Disclosure:  This is a Collaborative Post with UK Credit.  Please make sure you have read the terms and conditions to any loan before you commit to taking one out.

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