A Night at the Movies with Gracewell Healthcare

We were recently treated to a night at the movies with Gracewell Healthcare.  They provided us with everything we needed for a movie night in with family.  We were given a Paddington DVD, some retro sweets, some popcorn funds to provide other snacks.

Gracewell, a care home provider, have regular movie nights with residents and their families as they believe that this is a good way for generations to keep in contact and socialise with each other.  With this in mind, we invited my Mum and Dad to join us for our movie night.  We always enjoy watching films together so this seemed the perfect opportunity for the different generations in our family to get together.

We had some good laughs at the Paddington movie
We had some good laughs at the Paddington movie.

Paddington is such a well loved story so we decided this would be a great film for a night at the movies in our home.  Everybody enjoyed watching this film.  We spent quite a lot of time laughing at Paddington and Mr Brown, in particular.  I think everybody laughed out loud when Paddington came down the stairs in the bath.  We all went, “Eugh!” when Mr Brown used his toothbrush after Paddington Bear had cleaned his ears with it!

"Eugh! Don't use the toothbrush!"
“Eugh! Don’t use the toothbrush!”

Overall, this night at the movies was a big success.  We all had a lot of laughs while watching it.  The popcorn and snacks went down very well too.  We have some lovely memories from watching this film together and I am sure we will be watching it again soon.

Floppy really wanted Granddad to share his popcorn
Floppy really wanted Granddad to share his popcorn.

Do you have movie nights with your family?  Do you invite different generations to your movie nights?


Disclosure:  We were given a Paddington DVD, some sweets, popcorn and funds to buy snacks in return for this post.  All opinions are honest and my own.

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