#OneLessWorry Getting Ready for Christmas


We are taking part in the Contact Numbers UK #OneLessWorry campaign and getting ready for Christmas. When thinking about our Christmas present preparation schedule, Contact Numbers UK can be very helpful. This company has a vast directory of customer service contact numbers that cover a variety of different industries.

#OneLessWorry Tips for Getting Ready for Christmas

Christmas always seems like such a big event to prepare for. It can get very stressful if gift buying is left until the last minute. We have noticed that our town is getting much busier as December is upon us. Beating the rush of the busy stores during the festive season is something that we aim to do to keep the Christmas shopping stress levels as low as possible.

It is good to know you can contact John Lewis, to find out how they can make Christmas shopping easier for customers by wrapping gifts and including gift receipts for purchases. They are also able to offer extended returns policies and store collections. We love that they can also provide designated delivery dates. John Lewis is one of our favourite places to shop at Christmas time due to their wide range of products. They seem to always have gifts that are suitable for our family and friends without having to shop around too much.

Christmas shopping is something that we always make sure we start as early as possible. It is a good way of avoiding those extremely busy final days before gifts are given. And, of course, it gives us extra time to wrap the gifts too.

Some Interesting Christmas Facts from Contact Numbers UK

These facts, from Contact Numbers UK, are very interesting. The Royal Mail fact is extremely useful for us this year as we have a few gifts and cards to send via the post.

  • £20.96 billion wasted on unwanted Christmas presents in 2016.

  • Amazon had over 5,000 Boxing Day offers in 2016 – saving you 35% on average.

  • £473 on presents, £225 on food and drink, £83 on holiday travel, £29 on decorations – spent by average UK households in 2016.

  • Royal Mail Christmas Delivery Deadlines:

    • Weds 20th December – 2nd class
    • Thurs 21st December – 1st class.
  • Online shoppers wasted 2.5 hours fixing Christmas delivery problems on average in 2016.

#OneLessWorry this Christmas

It is good to know how retailers, like John Lewis, can help make Christmas shopping easier for customers. The run up to Christmas does not have to be stressful. Being well prepared for the festive celebrations and using the services offered by retailers can make the whole experience enjoyable.

Have you done all of your Christmas shopping yet?


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