Our UK Seaside Staycation Bucket List for 2016


I am beginning to compile a dream board for 2016 so I have started thinking about our UK Seaside Staycation Bucket List for the coming year to include on it.  A dream board is basically a compilation of things that you hope to achieve by the end of the year.  For mine, I am either going to make a Pinterest board for it or pin my ideas on an actual pinboard so that I can look at it and remind myself of what I would like to achieve this year.  So far, my dream board is in the planning/developmental stage but I have at least got some ideas of where I would love to visit in the UK this year.  We particularly love the seaside so here are our top 5 seaside towns that we would love to visit this year.

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Our Top 5 UK Seaside Staycation Towns to visit in 2016

  1. Newquay, Cornwall.  I have fond memories of visiting Cornwall when I was about 18 years old on our family holiday.  My brother loves to surf so it would be fantastic if he could show S and H how to do it one day.  I prefer (attempting to) body board so would love to try that again.  The beaches in Cornwall are so lovely and there are several places to explore nearby too.
  2. Blackpool.  I have heard so much about the lights at Blackpool that I would love to see them.  I visited Blackpool on a bus trip with my parents and grandparents when I was younger.  I have such great memories of having fun at the arcades there. I would like to see Blackpool Tower, maybe pop to the Sea Life Centre and I’ve heard that there is a zoo there too.
  3. Skegness.  We really enjoyed our holiday to Skegness in April 2015.  I found that this was a fantastic place to visit, as a single parent.  We really enjoyed the Seal Sanctuary, the arcades at The Pier, Hardy’s Animal Farm and of course, building sandcastles on the beach.  The fish and chips were amazing after our ride back on the train from Lincoln Castle.
  4. Tenby, Wales.  This is another place I remember visiting as a child.  I remember feeling so peaceful there and would love my children to experience this too.  As my children enjoyed Lincoln Castle in 2015, it would be great for them to visit another, maybe Carew Castle or Manorbier Castle. Tenby Lifeboat Station would be a wonderful experience too.
  5. Cleethorpes.  We do love this seaside town.  There are many wonderful activities to be a part of near the sea front.  There is the pirate ship in sand to play on for the children.  There is a cinema (with very comfortable seats) and bowling alley.  The Boating Lake, the Leisure Centre, The Pier, the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway and the market are all places that I’d love my children to visit one day soon.

Where would you recommend for a UK Seaside Staycation in 2016?

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  1. I live about two minutes away from the beach so my two are never bothered about the beach when we go away – saying that I love Blackpool and we go to Skegness each year for a cheeky weekend at Butlins and I’d recommend either place to anyone x x

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