Our Week on Instagram 1st July 2015

This week on Instagram 1st July 2015
This week on Instagram 1st July 2015

This week, up to 1st July,  has been full of ups and downs for all of us.  With taking it in turns to have the tummy bug (see, ‘The Tummy Bug-10 Positives to get you Through it’) and the general tiredness that was a consequence of this, we have all been feeling a little deflated.

My poorly girl 🙁 Silly tummy bug.

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H felt a bit better so we went to the park while her brother was at the School Disco. She had great fun crossing the path, repeatedly, pretending that it was the road. She kept stopping to check for cars, looking both ways and then crossing when it was clear. Imaginative but also great practice as we cross a lot of roads every day!

Pretending to cross the road (path) at the park. #roadsafety #imagination #play A photo posted by Bek Dillydrops (@bekb65) on

By Sunday, H felt a lot better and so went to a party. This was the first time she had been invited to by any of her Nursery friends. It was lovely. S is regularly invited to parties with School friends but H often feels like she is missing out. I think that is now changing as her and her friends are getting older and having more parties now.

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Soft play is exhausting though. S had a play too!

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Unfortunately, H started to feel unwell again and so Monday was spent at home, trying to recover from her poorly tummy. We are really hoping that this bug goes away very soon.

We have a poorly girl again 🙁 Wish this bug would go away! #ill #tummybug #tummybugssuck

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The sun shone so we went out to the garden to pick the first lot of strawberries and raspberries this year.  It was lovely.

We were lucky enough to have had our new paddling pool delivered before the very hot temperatures of Wednesday.  It was a welcome relief from spending most of the day out in the sunshine.  Unfortunately, I did not get a photograph of this as I received the news that my Grandad had died, just after the children got into the pool. I am hoping that we will get some more hot weather and I will take a photograph then.

What have you been up to this week? If you leave your Instagram Username below, I will pop over for a look at your account.

  • Vaichin@RamblingThroughParenth

    Oh, I do hope your week picks up, hun xx

  • Zena’s Suitcase

    I hope that tummy bug has taken a hike now. It sounds like there has been some rubbish moments and some good ones. Can’t beat a bit of soft play 🙂 x

  • Awww – I hope there is no more illnesses for ages now! Looks like a good week despite the tummy bug – I love the picture of her ready to go the party – so cute!

  • Sending love and hugs! So sorry about all the sickness and your grandad! Thinking of you x

  • Ickle Pickle

    Oh I am so sorry you have been so poorly. I hope everyone is ok now. Lovely photos x

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