How to Find a Great Family Photographer with Bidvine

It has been difficult to know how to find a great family photographer in the past.  When thinking about choosing a product or a service, I often feel overwhelmed with the choices on offer.  We have found a great online service that has helped to make  finding a photographer much easier.

How to Find a Great Family Photographer with Bidvine

Bidvine is a wonderful new service that links customers to businesses in a useful way.  When I went on to the Bidvine website, I expected to have to search for a family photographer that would suit our needs.  I was pleasantly surprised as there is no searching involved. Continue reading How to Find a Great Family Photographer with Bidvine

Men’s Fashion – Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are a versatile and stylish choice of footwear for men.  With elasticated sides and a choice of suede or side panels that contrast with lighter coloured soles, Chelsea boots are a very popular choice of footwear.

Smart casual look would work well with Chelsea Boots from House of Fraser. Image courtesy of House of Fraser:
Image courtesy of House of Fraser.

Chelsea Boots for All Occasions

We particularly like these Chelsea Boots for men from House of Fraser.  Here are our top three:

These smart-casual Continue reading Men’s Fashion – Chelsea Boots

How to be a Good Enough Parent: A Case Study

One thing in common when deciding if you are a Good Enough Parent

After talking to many parents over the years, there is always one thing that holds them back from feeling like they are doing a great job of parenting: other people’s opinions.

How to be a Good Enough Parent: A Case Study

Case Study: Using the Pushchair

I remember having an unpleasant experience when walking down the street with my son when he was in his pushchair, several years ago. I was made to feel like I wasn’t a good enough parent. My son had been in a seat that had faced me until he was about 1 year old. We walked along and I spoke to him as we went. As he got older and taller, I used a pushchair that faced outwards. In my mind, he was then able to look around at the environment to learn more about his surroundings. I consciously made sure that I stopped the pushchair to speak to him now and again, pointing out things that he might not have seen before. We were always chatting!

I was quite confident with this method of walking around town with my son. That was, until a man and a woman stopped me in the street to tell me that, in their opinion, I shouldn’t be using this type of pushchair. Continue reading How to be a Good Enough Parent: A Case Study

Cotswold RAW Dog Food Review

This is our Cotswold RAW dog food review.

We spend a lot of time searching for the right foods for mine and H’s food intolerances as well as finding recipes to suit our needs.  It has struck me that I do not tend to do the same for Floppy dog.  After being asked to try Floppy with Cotswold RAW dog food for this review, it has got me thinking more about what I actually feed her.

Cotswold RAW dog food

Tinned Dog Food and Biscuits

Floppy has a diet of tinned dog food and dog biscuits.  Previously, I started her off with left overs from our foods with her biscuits.  She didn’t always react well to them so we tried out a few different types of biscuits and tinned dog foods to see which worked best with her. Continue reading Cotswold RAW Dog Food Review