How to Pay for Unexpected Expenses

How to Pay for Unexpected ExpensesI have had several times where I have had to think about unexpected expenses within the past few years.  Unexpected expenses pop up many more times that I would like them to. I am lucky, in that I have several jobs and that I have been able to manage my finances well throughout my life.

Bad Luck Comes in Threes

I had moved into a rented house, where I had to furnish it myself.  I bought all the appliances that I needed when I moved in.  A year later, the warrantees had run out for all of my appliances.

My tumble dryer was the first appliance to stop working.  It started making a clunking noise whenever I used it and there was a funny, warm, electrical smell coming from it.  I kept using it for about a week then it stopped altogether. I put the washing on the washing line when the weather was nice and although not ideal, I hung it on drying racks and turned the radiators on to get my clothes dry.

The next to go was my fridge freezer.  I could not believe that my tumble dryer and my fridge freezer had both stopped working within week of each other.

My parents said that it would be ok, as bad luck only comes in threes.  When my washing machine broke a week later, I thought that would be it.  That was three expensive disasters.  That was enough.  I had enough money saved to replace these appliances.  I made sure that I had been saving money to replace some household items, as I knew that appliances don’t last forever nowadays.  I was happy that I had a back-up plan and I was glad that I had been able to save enough money to help me with these unexpected expenses.

Bad Luck Comes in Threes. Again!

After thinking that three broken household appliances were enough and accepting that this run of bad luck was just, “One of those things,” I was upset to discover that my laptop wouldn’t switch on.  My laptop was vital for earning money.

After thinking that surely, that was enough, two more unexpected expenses cropped up within a week of each other.  My oven and three hob plates stopped working altogether and then my car needed major repairs.

How to Pay for Unexpected Expenses

I managed to make do with what I had for a while.  Luckily, (sort of) I had not been able to replace my appliances before I knew the full extent of my month of broken things.  I made sure I prioritised the things I needed and saved for the other items.

I got my car fixed first so that I could get to work and earn money.  I also bought a new fridge.  I borrowed an old laptop from my Dad until I could afford a new one.  I used the laundrette and Mum’s washing machine for a while.  I made do with the cooker.  I grilled my food, used the one hob ring and had some microwaved meals.  Eventually, I was able to save enough money to replace all of these items but it took some time.

I have recently learnt about some short term loans that focus on responsible borrowing and lending.  At the time of my financial disasters, I would have found one of these really useful.  I could have borrowed some money from a company such as Vivus and paid it back quite quickly, between 10 and 41 days, according to their website.  Of course, I would have had to have been checked out by them to prove that I could pay back the money quite quickly.  I know that I would have been able to afford to pay back the loan within the given time so this might have been a good solution for me.  As it was, I made do for a while but borrowing might have made life easier for me.


Have you ever suffered any unexpected expenses?  How did you pay for them?



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