Pet Peeves with the RSPCA


Our dog, Floppy is the daftest family member so is the focus of our Pet Peeves post in association with the RSPCA.   She has an amazing personality and protects us to the best of her ability.

Floppy Dog

Pets Have Personalities Too

We try to spend as much time with Floppy as we can as she likes a lot of company.  She likes lots of fuss and loves it when S and H throw the ball for her.  She always has a great time sniffing for mice , rabbits and other creatures when we visit the countryside.  It keeps her very busy!

Hunting for mice in the shed. #PetPeeves
Hunting for mice in the shed.
Hunting for something, maybe raspberries?
Hunting for something, maybe raspberries?

We love that Floppy dog enjoys a nap at 2pm each day and takes herself to bed around 9pm.  It is amazing how she just knows the times she usually goes to sleep.  If we go out somewhere, she always is so pleased to see us when we get back.  Her tail wags so much that we think she will take off one of these days. If dogs could smile (which we think they can) we would say that this is when Floppy smiles the most.

Protecting us from local shoppers.
Protecting us from local shoppers.

Pet Peeves

Floppy is a great guard dog, who barks at anything or anybody that passes.  She guards us from cats, who like to sit at the top of our drive as well as flies that annoy us in the  summer.  Now that a local supermarket has put in a path the other side of our fence, Floppy guards us from all of the shoppers as they pass.  Regularly.  She must love it when I call her in after the first bark.  I just love that we need to now cover up all of the gaps in the fence to stop her doing this.

Her nickname is, ‘Crazy,’ due to getting over excited when she sees anybody.  She is a very sociable dog who launches herself at any visitors that we have.  For some strange reason, she always aims to lick the ears of anyone who dares to visit, with her tail wagging constantly.

Just daft.
Just daft.

Protecting Floppy Dog

Floppy dog is part of our family and should be protected as such.  She protects us.  We have been looking around for pet insurance to protect her even more.  This one from the RSPCA and More Than looks very affordable.  Her little quirks make her very special to us.


You can find other stories about pets by searching for #PetPeeves on social media and on the RSPCA website.  You can find the RSPCA on Twitter.


Disclosure:  We received a hamper, for Floppy, from the RSPCA in return for this post.

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