I love my red shoes

Pete the Cat Colour Activities

Not so long ago, we were sent ‘Pete the Cat: I love my white shoes,’ from Harper Collins.  We were not sent this to review but as a thank you for reviewing ‘How to Catch a Star,’ by Oliver Jeffers.  When it arrived, we were all very excited as we were not expecting it at all!  Both my children fell in love with the story straight away.  It has a lovely song throughout, that we find ourselves singing even when not reading the story.  The story has been great for helping my daughter to recognise some of her colours.  We all really enjoyed reading about the cool cat, who keeps, “…walking along and singing his song”, no matter what gets in his way. It inspired me to think of some activities to do with my daughter to further her colour recognition.  I drew some shoes and cut them out ready for my daughter to design her own coloured shoes.

Pete the Cat Shoe Colour Recognition Activities

Coffee and tea to paint brown shoes
We used cooled coffee and tea to paint the shoes brown.

Brown shoes using coffee and tea to paint.
I love my brown shoes…
Painting with brown
Finished brown shoes
Finished brown shoes
Red shoe decorating
We used red beads, red tissue paper, red hearts, red sequins and other red things to decorate the red shoes.
I love my red shoes Pete the Cat activites
I love my red shoes
Blue shoes gluing
I love my blue shoes… sticking and gluing with blue craft items.
Finished shoes
Finished shoes

We talked about the colours and my daughter helped to sort the craft items into different piles to help her to decorate the blue and red shoes.  We also looked around to find different red, blue, white and brown items around our house.

I Love My White Shoes!

Disclaimer: I was sent ‘Pete the Cat: I love My White Shoes,” as a thank you from Harper Collins UK.  They did not ask me to write a review but I was so impressed with the story that I wanted to.  All views and opinions are my own.

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  • TheBrickCastle

    I love this book! I thought it was going to be too young for my boys and a bit meh, but as soon as I made up a tune for the song they thought it was wicked. Now I daren’t lok and see what the actual tune is like! 😀

    • dillydrops

      It’s great, isn’t it? We loved making up the tune too but the ‘real’ version took over when we heard it. It is very cool!

  • This looks like such a lovely book, I’ve been looking to update Ewan and Rhys’ books so I’ll see if I can find this one!
    Thanks for linking up to #TBTL