Photography Challenge for January

#FMSPhotoADay January 2016 am taking part in Fat Mum Slim’s photography challenge for January.  After spending each day of 2015 admiring the stunning photographs posted in the FMS Photo A Day Facebook group, I decided that 2016 would be the year to actually join in.  In my head, I thought that I could never post photographs as beautiful or as interesting as those I’d seen.  I have had a good think about it and have decided that if I do not have a go, I will never know.  I was very lucky to receive a new camera this Christmas and a ‘Dummies’ guide on how to use it so I have got no excuse now!

I have been reading through my book as well as searching online for inspiration.  I am determined that I will improve my photography skills.  It is wonderful to see such talented photographers posting in the FMS Photo A Day group, which I have found to be very inspiring.  One of my aims is to find out how to use the manual settings on the camera more confidently.

My Photo A Day Photographs So Far

Here are my photographs for the challenge so far:

  1. Black and White

    1. Black and White: Floppy Dog
    1. Black and White: Floppy Dog
  2. What I Did Today

    What I Did Today: tched films on the iPad.
    What I Did Today: Watched films on the iPad.

You can see how I am getting on with the January photography challenge by looking at my Instagram account or on the blog.  I might even post some of the photographs on Dillydrops’ Facebook page.  Hopefully you will be able to see my photographs improve.

You can find out what other participants of the FMS Photography Challenge have posted for these categories by searching for the hashtags #fms_blackandwhite, #fms_WIDT and #fms_water on Instagram.  You can also read more about this challenge on Fat Mum Slim’s website.

Do you take part in any photography challenges for January?  Do you have any tips to improve photography skills?

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2 thoughts on “Photography Challenge for January

  1. Good Luck – I managed four days! On top of other blog projects / commitments I just can’t do it! Lovely photos. Kaz x

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