Photography: Fun with Balloons

Balloons are so much fun!
Balloons are so much fun!

For H’s birthday, I made sure the room was filled with balloons.  The children loved that there were so many!  They were throwing them into the air and catching them, batting them to each other as well as pretending they were dogs on a lead.  Balloons are so much fun.  Some were taken home by the party guests.  We still had a good amount left at our house though.  H and S have been playing with the balloons at every opportunity.  It has been several weeks since the party yet they are still enjoying playing with them.  I know they will both be very disappointed when they deflate.  I’m tempted to blow up some more for Christmas.  It would be a cheap gift and they’d have loads of fun!

Do your children enjoy playing with balloons?  Do you inflate lots for parties, just a few or none?

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  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    Balloons can be so much fun. I used to have loads of fun when i was a kid with them

  • Ickle Pickle

    Pickle loves balloons! They are great fun – light up ones are great too. Kaz x

  • 你的博客就像冬天里的一把火!

  • Hannah Heartss ❄️⛄️

    I love balloons but hate when they pop x

  • Francesca Nelson

    Awwww! My to love balloons and they aren’t afraid of the dreaded popping either so you can imagine what its like on a birthday here!!