Walking the dog: Please can we go for a walk now? Places to walk the dog.

Places to Walk the Dog


We have often struggled with finding places to walk the dog.  Floppy used to be great on the lead as a small puppy.  I used to take her on three walks per day, which she loved.  Walking her around town and by the riverside was very relaxing for all of us.  Plus, Floppy burned off that puppy energy which stopped her getting into mischief as much.

Pulling on the Lead

Fast forward a year and Floppy suddenly became hard work on the lead.  As she became bigger, she became much stronger.  So much so that she pulled me over a few times.  After that, I only took her for a walk down the fields near my Mum and Dad’s house.  I was worried that I could not control her well enough in a busy area with two children too.

Walking in the Fields

We have been practicing walking Floppy on the lead down the fields near my parents’ home.  It has been fun, although difficult to start with, to calm her down.  I think Floppy only pulls on her lead because she is so excited about her walks.  After quite a lot of practice (and being pulled over a few times) she is getting much better.

Changing the Dog Lead

I bought a fantastic dog training lead from the vets, which has clips that I can put on her harness and on her collar to control her more easily.  Alternatively, I can clip it around my waist and then onto the dog for extra security.  It has made dog walking much easier.

Our Ideal Places to Walk the Dog

I’ve been looking at the Blue Chip website and was inspired by this post about favourite days out with the dog.  I would love to take Floppy for a walk in Windsor one day.  When we have been on the Long Walk before, there have been many, many dog walkers there.  I always think about how much Floppy would love walking in that area.  It is a wonderful place to visit, especially in the autumn when we are able to collect conkers too.

I would also like to take her to Dinton Pastures Country Park in Berkshire.  It sounds like a lovely place not only to walk the dog but to have a picnic too.  S and H could also have a play on the playground there.

Where are your favourite places to walk your dog?


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