Planning a Family Holiday with Tots To Travel


We have been thinking about planning a family holiday with Tots to Travel. This wonderful website is aimed at families and is packed full of advice on where to go and includes many more tips for travelling with children. There are a good variety of destinations on the website, including the UK.

Planning a Family Holiday with Tots to Travel

I often find it very tricky to plan a family holiday. The amount of choice out there is astounding. I never know where to start. Choosing and making quick decisions is not a strong point of mine either. The Tots to Travel website is very easy to use and has a good combination of search options that have helped me to narrow down the choices.

We are happy to take our holiday at any time in the year so we searched through a few different ideas.

A Family Holiday in the UK

Quite often, we will spend our holiday time in the UK. I think this country has many beautiful places and many areas to explore. When we go on holiday, we like to stay somewhere that is clean and looks smart from the outside. The holiday properties advertised on Tots to Travel for Cornwall looked very appealing to us. Cornwall is one of my favourite holiday destinations. I have many happy memories of visiting there as a child and would love to take my own children there one day. It would be wonderful if they could experience surfing and body-boarding as I did (not that I’m very good at it but it was fun, nevertheless!).

A Family Holiday Abroad

Tots to Travel has options for holidaying abroad too. There are villas and cottages in the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey that are available throughout the year for short or longer holidays. We even spotted a converted farmhouse in Italy with a pool that looked very tempting.

Tips for Holidaying with Babies, Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers

I like that the Tots to Travel website has sections where you can find the best holidays for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. It can be a little daunting taking young children on holiday, especially abroad. Having this section the website is a great idea to let families know the best places to take their children. These holidays recommended by Tots to Travel are chosen by them because they are all family friendly and are fully kitted out with equipment needed for small children and babies.

These recommendations have been made due to Tots to Travel inspecting the holiday destinations for their 20+ items guaranteed to be found in the accommodation. This list includes things like pool barriers, having at least one cot that is up to EU standards, at least one high chair and blackout blinds in children’s bedrooms. There are many other things that Tots to Travel look at when recommending a holiday to families. You can find more out on their website.


Have you booked this year’s family holiday yet? If not, Tots to Travel may be able to help you in your search for the perfect family holiday.


Disclosure: This is a Collaborative Post with Tots to Travel.



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