Poo-Pourri Review

“Try in your bog, review on your blog.”

I would say that this is the best titled email I have ever received!  It certainly caught my attention.  After reading through and having a few (probably immature, but hey, who cares) giggles along the way, I decided that Poo-Pourri was probably a product that our house would benefit from.

This is how Temptation Gifts introduced me to this product:

Poo-Pourri is a purse-friendly, discreetly-bottled, ‘before-you-go’ toilet spray. Available in 15 fragrances, Poo-Pourri is made with essential oils and other natural compounds that work by forming a film on the surface of the water, coating anything that enters and trapping in the smell. Simply spray Poo-Pourri into the bowl before you go. When you flush, it further releases the product’s fragrance, leaving the bathroom smelling better than you found it! It makes perfect ‘scents’!

Simply keep a bottle of Poo-Pourri in your bag and free yourself from awkwardness and social embarrassment, whether at work, a friend’s house, a party or any number of other situations where you’ve just got to go! Poo-Pourri provides a classy, sassy and ultra-effective solution to a problem faced by millions on a daily basis, and it really works! (Yes, even for men!)

When I described Poo-Pourri to my son, I was expecting giggles yet surprisingly, he responded by telling me that it was a great idea because he often felt self-conscious if someone went into the bathroom after he’d been to the toilet.  Maybe he is the mature one!  The promotional video is worth watching, if you are as easily amused as I am!

Our bottle of Poo-Pourri arrived promptly, with my daughter very intrigued by it.  She loved the pretty bottle that it was in and liked the little tassel on it too!

Poo la la
Poo la la
What is that, Mummy?
What is that, Mummy?

When the need arose, we all sprayed a few squirts of Poo-Pourri into the water.  I was pleasantly surprised at the smell of this product.  This particular scent was peony,  rose and citrus.  I will spare you any details but (although I secretly doubted whether this would work) we were all amazed at how well this product masked any unpleasant smells.  I would certainly recommend  it as it makes the whole bathroom smell lovely!  My son also does not feel as embarrassed any more when he goes to the loo.

Disclosure: I was sent a sample of Poo-Pourri for the purposes of this review.  All views and opinions are honest and my own. Please see my Disclosure Policy for further details.

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  • I was really dubious about this, I din’t think it would work – but I have read a few blogs now and everyone seems to think it is great! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    • dillydrops

      It is a great product. I was unsure of it to start with but I think it is going to become something that we buy regularly. Thank you for hosting! I love #TriedTested !

  • Emily Shepperson

    what a great idea! Looks like a perfume bottle though to me.

    • dillydrops

      It smells like perfume too!

  • I love the advert for this product, it makes me giggle 🙂 #TriedTested

  • I’m so sceptical about this product but it’s receiving rave reviews!

    • dillydrops

      I know what you mean, I too was sceptical. It really is a great product though. It is very popular in our house!

  • A fantastic idea! My husband could do with an industrial sized bottle 😉

    • dillydrops

      ha ha! Poor you, you should get some quick!!

  • What a absolutely hilarious advert! I was in stitches at the narrative!

    Sounds to me like a great product – the toilet can be a stinky place!!!

    I recently posted: Four Corners of the World: Animal Kingdom

    • dillydrops

      It is a great advert and a fantastic product!

  • What a brilliant idea! Jokes aside, my kids have a gastrointestinal disease that means this could really help them. Fantastic!

  • What a fab idea!! I can’t get the video to load on my tablet but just looking at the still is making me giggle. With three males in our house we need an industrial tank of this!!

  • What a fantastic idea….Why have I never heard of this…….xxx

  • There really is nothing more embarrassing than being at work or someone else’s house when you get caught short! What a brilliant idea to just pop in your handbag!

  • Ah bless your son, I’m glad he feel more comfortable now x

  • I haven’t heard of this product will have to look out for the advert I am intrigued now lol 🙂

  • haha love that they have such a great sense of humour x

  • I love the name poo pourri its a great name 🙂

  • Funniest product of the year. I need a gallon for my OH please 🙂

  • Best.Product name.EVER!

  • Colette B

    I honestly thought this product was ridiculous when I first read about it but I’m starting to think otherwise!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  • I love the idea of this! What a brilliant idea.

  • I have to admit to many giggles when I heard about this – even my Mum burst out laughing when I showed her the email. x

  • With a husband and two teenage boys in in the house we really need this. Shall look out for it

  • Helen Porter

    I love this I think the name is very clever! and if it makes horrible toilets smell better its a win win! I will be trying this out #triedtested

  • we could do with this at school * smelly toilets !

  • AK

    the name is just fab and this is the 2. review i read about this product i am amazed that its actually working i think i need to try this myself!

  • cassfrugalfamily

    This made me smile but actually my OH could do with some lol