Positivity – Word of the Week 10th July 2015

My Word of the Week is positivity, which is possibly a strange one after our rubbish week.  Many, many different things have gone wrong this week so much so that I was so exhausted by all of it that I have managed to fall asleep at 7pm more than one evening this week.  None of it has beaten me though.  I have made sure that I have continued to keep positive in everything I have done.  Some of the things I have been doing to help me with this positivity are:

Having lots of giggles with my children.

Taking a step back (as much as I can) from the pressures of work for a few days.

Buying my most favourite foods to snack on.

Writing a couple of posts about how to feel more positive as a single parent.

Taking part in activities such as going to the cinema and the School Fair.

Enjoying walking lots.

Spending time with family and chatting with friends on Social Media.

Listening to upbeat music.

Reading blogs about how other people keep positive through hard times.

Appreciating what I have and by focussing on trying to make the best of things that have been less than ideal lately.

Appreciating having such a strong support network of family, friends, blogging buddies and work colleagues.  You are all absolutely amazing!

Overall, staying positive, even when things are difficult is something for me to focus on to enable me to carry on and to be able to care for my children to the best of my ability.

What would you choose as your Word of the Week? #WotW


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  • Glad to hear that you are still feeling positive even though you are having a tough time of it. Sometimes it’s a case of grin and bear it, which is never nice. I hope next week is better

  • Jocelyn (@ReadingRes)

    Great word to go for, in the face of a difficult week. Sounds like you do many of the same things that I do when I need picking up, and the little things really do make a difference, don’t they? Hoping next week’s a better one for you x Thanks for joining in with #WotW

  • Being positive is the best thing to do in the face of what seems to have been a difficult week for you. Glad to read that you’re feeling positive, and I hope it continues into next week

  • Merlinda Little

    A nice trait to have! It is so hard to stay positive when things are hard. I know I cant so you are awesome =) #wotw