Posturepedic Pillow Review

After spending years of not being able to find the right pillow to support my neck, I was very pleased to receive the Posturepedic zonal support pillow from The Sleepy People to review.

Posturepedic zonal support pillow.
Posturepedic zonal support pillow.

Due to being hypermobile, I have suffered quite a lot of pain over the years.  My neck and head need to be supported during the night to avoid me getting into the wrong position and waking up with neck, back and headache.   I was very pleased when I was asked if I’d like to try the pillow selector tool to help me to find a pillow that would suit my needs.

This pillow was very comfortable and I liked that it was firmer than the pillows that I had tried before.  It took me a little while to get used to how different it was to my usual pillows, that usually go flat within a few minutes of me laying on them.

The pillow was very comfortable.It was very comfortable.

The neck support did it’s job brilliantly. I usually lay on my back or on my side to sleep and the pillow supported my neck in both positions.

The neck support part of the pillow.
The neck support part.
The head support part of the pillow.
The head support part.

The more I use this , the more I like it.  I wake up without the pain that I used to have when using a less supportive pillow.  The label says that this is for a healthier sleep.  I must say that I do believe that I am now having a much healthier sleep due to the extra support for my neck and head.

For a healthier sleep.
For a healthier sleep.

My sleep has been disturbed by both my children in the past.  I’m sure that most parents have had their children wake during the night.  Here is an article on how to help your child to get a better night’s sleep, so that you can too.


Disclaimer:  I was sent a support pillow for the purposes of this review.  All opinions are honest and my own.

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