Probiotics Review and Giveaway

After having some issues with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) over the years, I have started taking some probiotics to try to help with my stomach problems.  I have been struggling with feeling tired due to not absorbing enough nutrients from my foods.  The Microbiome Plus+ GI Probiotics that I have started taking are meant to maintain the balance of healthy bacteria in my digestive system.

These probiotics are said to support mood and boost energy, to help lose weight as well as to improve and maintain health.  I am not aiming to lose weight through taking these tablets.  I have IBS due to stress/anxiety which has lead onto suffering from food intolerances.  My aim is to help my tummy feel more comfortable, day to day, as well as to feel much more awake.

I have started taking two different probiotic tablets with meals, twice a day.  Each packet has 7 days worth of tablets in and I was provided with four weeks worth in one bundle pack.  I am also trying to spend time relaxing and breathing deeply to calm myself down instead of getting as stressed/anxious as I have in the past.

After a few days of taking the probiotics, I did not feel much different to normal.  After the fifth day, however, I started to feel much more awake and experienced less bloating than usual.  I continued to take the probiotics with my meals and I feel like they have been effective in helping me with my IBS symptoms.  These, coupled with my new focus on my breathing when I get stressed seem to be improving my quality of life.  For my breathing, I have been trying to focus on taking shorter breaths in and longer breaths out when I feel a bit panicked.  Just taking those couple of minutes to focus on something different to my perceived problem is helping me to break the cycle of worrying so much which is having a positive affect on my stomach issues.

For me, I think that these probiotics have improved my situation.  I realise that different solutions work better for different people but I am glad that I gave these a try.  I am quite happy with the price of these probiotics too.  At £19.99 (correct for February 2015, you will have to check current prices) for a month of tablets, I think that this is quite a reasonable price.  If you would like to try some of these probiotics, you can enter the giveaway on the Rafflecopter, below.   These probiotics are for over 18s only.

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Disclosure:  I was given a month’s supply of probiotics for the purposes of this review.  All opinions are honest and my own.

  • Natalie Crossan

    I listen to calming music

  • emilyomara

    do yoga

  • kim plant

    have a bath x

  • Kate Bryans

    trash TV!

  • emma j lowe

    my husband lets me go and have a lay down, while he looks after the children.

  • Sara Janeg

    Glass of wine and a bubble bath

  • Karen Cowley

    I spend time chilling with my bunnies, nothing relaxes me more x

  • Kirsty Webb

    I Love to cross stitch to relax

  • Elaine Dale

    read a good book and have a nice cup of tea

  • Happy Homebird

    I relax by reading or looking through magazines.
    (sam fernley)

  • Abigail Cullen

    Sit and relax whilst watching tv.

  • Karen O’Reilly

    I relax by browsing online

  • Victoria Savill

    I love to read something that takes me away from all my stresses!

  • Layla

    Put the kids to bed 🙂

  • Plastig Ffantastig

    a few deep breaths!

  • Gemma Brown

    i watch the washing machine.(whilst it’s on)

  • Tara

    I speak to my best friend Jo.

  • Amanda Walsh

    A nice bubble bath

  • Eva Appleby-Gill

    I read or write

  • Raine

    I make myself a hot chocolate or fruit tea and read a good book 🙂

  • tim

    Glass of red

  • Aaron Broad

    I play on the computer

  • Sarah Michelle Pybus

    I like to do some crossstitch 🙂

  • Eileen Tingle

    I play the piano – always calms me down

  • Michelle Ferguson

    Watch a good film

  • ❄❄️️Kate Cass❄️❄️

    Candles, music, peace & quiet!

  • Karen Howden

    listen to a relaxation tape

  • Stewart Osborn

    Go for a nice sleep x

  • Donna Large

    read a book

  • Emily CD

    I curl up in bed and watch a movie. EJ Dunn

  • Kerry Lethbridge

    With a nice hot bubble bath

  • Paul Walsh

    Depends how stressed I am. It’s either pick up a good book or put on some music and bake.

  • Becky Griffiths

    Glass of wine

  • Carlie Bryan

    book and a quiet place, bar of galaxy helps also, ha ha

  • Keith Hunt

    Take the dogs to the beach.

  • Netty Vanity

    Walking by the river or the beach.

  • Lara Davis

    nice warm bath with a book

  • Doreen Mccarthy

    A nice hot bath with candles lit x

  • Stephen Little

    Listen to music

  • Jadey Walsh

    I relax with a hot bath and then getting out and wrapping up all snug and watch something on Netflix 🙂 xx

  • Ellie Spider

    I have been practicing mindfullness /CBT techniques to help me relax and destress – it’s bascially about understanding why you get the feelings and the emotions and then putting positive strategies in place to over come them – so like massage, meditation, finding things that make you happy, finding what triggers the initial feelings

  • Lauren Main

    I have a warm bubble bath with candles

  • Jan Lynn

    snuggle on the couch with my moggy, my partner and a glass of wine

  • Amanda Greensmith

    snuggle up with my hubby

  • Rebecca Hodson

    I meditate as this not only slows my breathing and relaxes my muscles, but also calms my mind.

  • Kim Styles

    I walk the dog in the public footpaths of Norfolk- straight from my front door

  • Colin Anderson

    A nice hot bath

  • Lee Hardy

    Watch a film

  • Jill Fairbank

    I like to read

  • Liz Ferguson

    hiking is a great way to relax xx

  • Denielle Nicol

    Get involved in a really good film

  • Kim W

    hot bath and scented aromatherapy oils. I’d like to try these for my IBS and allergies, they sound helpful.

  • Jacqui Rushton

    By reading a good book

  • Sarah Jayne Phillips

    Candles and commandeering the husband in a massage 🙂